Darwin Award Nominees



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  1. There is no cure for stupid :D

  2. Some look stretchy but physically sound. Others are just outright silly.

  3. No wonder why russia is on the top 5 list for highest selfie death rate.

    • Not sure whether too many of these examples are in Russia. The guys in the pool for instance, they look like some kind of Germanic tribe, Germans or English maybe. A closer look at the bottles may hint at Krombacher, a German beer.
      The guy smoking behind the Flammable Gas sign, well, not Russian for sure.

    • Guy with bear, russian. Guy crouching on air condition, russian. Guys mounting neon sign, russian. Guy in camo pants hanging from building, russian. …
      As russians have nothing worth living for they don’t care about dying.

    • @Euro
      As SOCIALISTS THEY have nothing worth living for they don’t care about dying.
      Fixed that for you!

  4. The guy with the bear is half stupid half awesome.

    • And the bear is actually running away from him.

    • Most animals would rather avoid a fight (including humans). Fighting costs energy, time, risk of injury which could be fatal. Most fighting involves making a show of force and trading superficial blows. Make a show of force and most animals will flee from you. Of course just avoiding a confrontation is the smart move. If ever in danger from an animal, make a lot of loud noise and stamp your feet, throw your arms up and out wide, if running isn’t an option..

    • PatronasKitty7 February 27, 2016

      You must be fun at parties.

  5. James Harris February 29, 2016

    I should get one for changing a rear leaf spring on a car using only a bumper Jack whike laying under tge car a car that was wobbling around as I loosened bolts. A lab tech working for me gotbkilledvtgatbwsy.

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