Cartoon That Killed Nobody

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  1. I find it interesting that you tie atheism to Darwinism. I suppose atheists often turn to the creation myth of evolution to deny God’s existence. I think Darwin does a good job of explaining adaptation, not so much the actual origin of life on Earth.

  2. Over a cartoon? Maybe so. But Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, all atheists who have shed more innocent blood than anyone else in the last hundred years or so.

  3. True. Darwin was actually a christian not doubting god’s existence, but the story how life was created that is written in a certain fantasy book.
    Evolution has nothing to do with denying a god’s existence. It’s just a fact how nature works. A simple fact like god’s nullibiety.

  4. Hitler? The raised-Roman Catholic and admirer of Martin Luther who banned Darwin’s books, boasted of “crushing the atheist movement,” had his SS apes wear “GOTT MIT UNS” on their uniforms, made a pact with the Vatican, and simply wouldn’t shut up in Mein Kampf about “doing the Lord’s work”? That atheist?

  5. So you fell for that religious propaganda? Or are you one of god’s Joseph Goebbels?
    1.) Neither Hitler nor Stalin were atheists. Hitler was catholic. And both of them saw their mission sanctioned by god.
    2.) Neither Pol Pot nor Mao can be judged by the abrahamic-monotestic aspects about their supposed atheism. Their cultural and religious background differs.
    3.) NONE of the crimes and wars of this people listed above was IN THE NAME OF ATHEISM. Your agument is flawed.

  6. Charlie Hebdo has been drawing about the Catholic Church for 55 years. How many times have militant Catholics attacked their office?

  7. Hitler was atheist?

  8. @Atheist Freedom Fighter
    > NONE of the crimes and wars of this people listed above was IN THE NAME OF ATHEISM.
    You obviously didn’t live in the Eastern Bloc. Many priests (and many more faithful christians) were imprisoned, some were mudered, some even tortured for their beliefs in the name Marxist ideology (which is inherently atheistic). Not just in Soviet Union, also in Poland and probably in other socialist countries too. Yes, it’s not those millions murdered by Stalin for other reasons, but still thousands abused and murdered precisely for their faith.

  9. well.. there is a very good chance that they wouldn’t understand it… most atheists I know aren’t too bright. ;-)

  10. Are you sure that is a cartoon? Looks very photographic to me.

  11. The bottom line is that most Atheists and Agnostics rise above religious people. The more religious one is, the more likely that they are a POS.

  12. …yet.

  13. Change pic from Darwin to Barack Obama, Sr. Then some stinky poo will hit the rotating wedge of unpleasantness.

  14. They rise above it so much that you felt it necessary to broad brush religiousness with being a POS?
    Good thing you chose to rise above it!
    Gosh, you must be so very very smart. Please, enlighten us with your incredible wisdom.

  15. Yeah, damn those people that go to church with their higher rates of charitable givings and philanthropy! You wouldn’t find an atheist doing that nonsense!

  16. @Trollolol Religious leaders were persecuted by nazis and communists cause they were questioning the absolute political and moral authority of the fuehrer or communist party. As both systems used religion-like propaganda, rituals and myths of their own priests did compete with them about the loyalty and moral beliefs of the people. Both system were not atheistic regimes by definition but created their own belief-systems in a religious manner. Therefore the shown examples are flawed. In fact there are no examples of atheistic regimes, terrorism or violence. An atheist will not attack you as he just want to be left alone. However even atheists have the right to defend themselves. Nevertheless this wouldn’t be a relevant in this discussion.

  17. And you sound like a charming person yourself…

  18. Nah, they didn’t kill anyone over a cartoon. Why do that when you can take over China and Russia and slaughter millions THAT way? The Union of Soviet Socialist Republic alone killed 10-20 million Christians. Atheism, by body count alone, outstrips the religions of the world in outright slaughter.

  19. Hitler hated christians, so did Stalin. If they were christians they wouldn’t have murdered people. Just because you went to a certain school doesn’t mean you agree with what is taught, just because you say you’re something doesn’t mean you’re not the exact opposite of what you claim. Instead of killing foreigners they would have helped them if they had been christian. But I understand religophobes can’t accept blame/truth expecially in this matter. Hopefully the mass murder victims of atheists won’t be visiting you in your sleep.

  20. “Gosh, you must be so very very smart. Please, enlighten us with your incredible wisdom.”
    For one, you should have put a comma after your first “very”. I do not claim to be smart. However, I do take pride in not basing my life off of a fairy tale.
    “Yeah, damn those people that go to church with their higher rates of charitable givings and philanthropy!”
    Christians are so giving! Then again, they’re trying to buy a ticket into Heaven. Also, does it count as charity when you write it off on your taxes?
    “And you sound like a charming person yourself…”
    I am. Thanks for noticing!

  21. Hitler was a Christian so don’t play that anti-Christian card. He got along just fine with Pope Pius XI. Hitler also considered Martin Luther as one of his main influences. (Then again, Martin Luther, founder of Protestantism, did write a book entitled “On Jews and Their Lies.)

  22. @Atheist F.F. – I see atheism has become a religion and is weaving its fabric of lies. Fight on…

  23. @Atheist Freedom Fighter
    You’ve just proven that atheism is indeed a religion and can be warped and twisted to suit political leaders’ need. Trying to separate atheism from communism is like trying to separate catholicism from crusades and inquisition. Yes, these pathological systems used a mutilated version of the underlying religion – but all of them did use one.
    BTW – when I listen to modern day atheists, they are often thoughtless fanatics – they just repeat prophet Dawkins’ teachings without question.

  24. It actually killed William Jennings Bryan

  25. hahahaha!

  26. Does it matter if they’re trying to buy their way into heaven? Are naked people less clothed? Are hungry people less fed? Are homeless less sheltered?
    That’s not for you, though! No! With your high morality you’d rather people starve naked on the streets rather than someone give to them with less than perfect charity!
    I’m sure they appreciate your moral courage to be outraged at people giving for the wrong reason.

  27. lolol

  28. Faux charity is better than nothing. You just need to quit pretending that Christians are so frickin’ wonderful.

  29. One may not be much, but it’s still greater than zero.
    Christians may not be much, but they’re still greater than atheists.

  30. If atheism is a religion, as some people here claim, who or what do atheists worship?

  31. I am an Agnostic. I do not pretend to know the truth like you do.

  32. Themselves.

  33. See, that’s the problem with you athiests and you religious types: one of you use a book to justify being a ****, while the other uses mental gymnastics.
    This is why it’s all bullshit and the only thing that matters is what is in front of us, right now.
    Not sanctimoniously quoting a book you’ve never read, or using semantics and ad hominin to argue a point.
    Agnostics win because we don’t fight.

  34. Fedoras, pony tails, polyester anime button ups, fingerless gloves, and patchy facial hair?

  35. Not a single Muslim spilled a single drop of blood over the hebdo cartoons. Search YouTube for “Paris shooting no blood” and educate yourself.

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