The Horrible Life of Daniel Radcliffe

9 thoughts on “The Horrible Life of Daniel Radcliffe”

  1. the joke is that money can’t buy you happiness LOL

  2. But it can buy you a Cadillac so you can go find it.

  3. I am Spock, I am not Spock, I am Spock, I am rich.

  4. Harry Potter is rich?

  5. I am dead.

  6. He actually is.

  7. J.K. Rowling sure is, who wrote the Harry Potter books. Harry Potter is a fictional character. As I understand in those books he is/was from a lower middle class home, so not rich. Daniel Radcliffe is the actor that played Harry Potter in the movies, while nowhere near as rich as Rowling, he isn’t struggling to get by either.

  8. That’s racist.

  9. Harry Potter is rich; his parents left him a small fortune in Gringotts

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