13 thoughts on “The Daily Struggles of Women”

  1. Superb. So true.

  2. The Daily Struggles of modern, superficial, female egocentrics from the Western world.

  3. What, a woman commenting on Eatliver? Probably just EUro in drag.

  4. Isn’t Euro always in drag?

  5. I has to be women of the western world, if it is from the middle east she would have already been stoned.

  6. EUro is always there. Waiting. Watching our every move.

  7. Yeah, cause you young boys are so much better. *lol*

  8. I see you…!

  9. She would have to be “stoned” to go ’round looking like THAT!

  10. Yes, Young boys are less stupid in my opinion. But being 30 years old, this is none of my problems.

  11. HOLY SHIT.

  12. Come one, Come all, To the daily life of an instagram 14 year-old! (yes, I was once one, but I was a nerdy little bookworm so that docent count)
    #lolz #yass #fleek #sotrue #eatliver #posts #funnypics #life #nailpolish #makeup #beauty

  13. *dosent

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