The Discovery of Daddy Long Legs


Have you ever wondered how daddy long legs was discovered? Well, wonder no more! It happened exactly like this.


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  1. If Putin had normal length legs maybe he wouldn’t have such a chip on his

    • Napoleon is his idol. That says all, I think.

    • You mean like Macron and little Ukrainian guy.. it’s the time of the bata males for sure.

    • It time for you to learn proper spelling, comrade, for sure.

    • Beta. Sorry. Still true though. Pete Buttagig is another and no I can’t spell it. Just call him bu&@! Plug.

    • Greetings to St. Peterburg.

    • If you disagree with me your on the side of Putin Reee! Isn’t that an old George Bush tactic? If your not with us your with the terrorists? This is why the Left makes people laugh. Please continue.

    • Are you even aware that Bush is/was republican? That is why the right makes people laugh.

    • I am. The Left always try’s to sound like the Right before an election. Biden plagiarized Trump twice in his SOTU address. Surprised he didn’t say Make American Great Again. Not going to work this time. It’s the economy stupid. Remember that line?

    • Sure. The economy is not a prerogative of the republican party.

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