Kinky Scientists



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  1. Aaaaah! A joke on women
    Careful eatliver you might invite an unwanted presence

  2. Scientists did not name this spider as daddy long legs. Scientists named it Phalangium opillio one of several thousand vaireties of Opillionid. The untutored, mis-informed layperson stuck this non-poisonous arachnid with the daddy long legs name. I do agree the name is not kinky enough.

  3. That is not a spider, it is a harvestman, it is a totally different order of animals.
    Calling a harvestman a spider is like calling giraffe a cow.
    Easiest way to tell the difference between a spider and a harvestman is by looking at its body. If the body appears to be devided into 2 halves, a front end and a back end then it is a spider, if the body is not devided into 2 halves then it is a harvestman.
    Also all spiders has can make a web, harvestmen cannot.

    • I dare say a female giraffe producing milk would indeed be a cow. The milk is considered kosher. You do need tall barns for the milking stall, though.

    • @TV Watcher
      The relationship between giraffes and cattle are about as old as that of harvestmen and spiders. We are talking 10’s millions of years. By comparision the relationship between humans and other apes is only a few million years.

      No logical man (or woman) cares if its milk is kosher or not, unless someone is are a follower of one of many fantasy religions (all religions are just fantasies).

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