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  1. Are Crocs wearers even considered to be human beings?

  2. Whosoever the croc shall fit will be my queen… sigh….

  3. Have you ever tried Crocs? They are the most comfortable footwear ever formed in a factory. Also awesome for cycling to work in the rain, kayaking (they float if you fall out), walking all day when doing touristy stuff, and gardening.
    I currently have a meniscus tear and will wear Crocs until it heals (and probably beyond) and don’t I give a rat’s posterior about the opinions of those who think that people are no more than the contents of their closets.

  4. So typical Trump

  5. Agreed, Rattus.
    I use ’em on the beach, because they’re easier to take on and off, depending on the sand vs broken shells ratio….
    RE: your meniscus tear, ever tried an arch support or Dr. Scholls-type insole?

  6. Kauf Buch’s mother’s love story. So romantic. Such lovers. Period.

  7. @Kauf Buch, no, but arch supports don’t really work for me – flat feet. I am doing the exercises recommended by the physiotherapist, including cycling, using a TENS unit, and wearing Crocs for their awesome shock absorbing abilities. It’s helping. I’m thinking at this point surgery may not be necessary.

  8. No need to start another mindless argument on a topic not even remotely connected to the uploaded post. Please consider the post before making remarks.

  9. @The Liver Mediator: Welcome back, Landlord.

  10. Rattus, FWIW, if you have access to them,
    a ROWING and a RIDING exercise machine
    seem to help not just the spine but also the legs and feet overall.

  11. @Salzigtal: Greetings accepted.

  12. Seconded. What a ****.

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