Weird Statues From Around the World

Photo by Anna

Photo by Matte

14 thoughts on “Weird Statues From Around the World”

  1. I’d like to know where are they from…

  2. Batman and Superman, huh? I`ve always been suspicious about the relationship between Batman and Robin, but I didn`t suspect this.

  3. From artists’ twisted minds.

  4. I recognise a couple of them, #10 (giving the finger) is from Milan, #7 (man with kids), by far the oldest statue here is from Vigelandsparken in Oslo. That park is full of statues that could have earned a place here, like f.ex. the foetus, and Sinnataggen (the angry kid): ,the most famous statue there together with Monolitten (the monolith): .
    Vigeland probably got the idea to the last one by throwing a coin up in the air somewhere in Sweden.

  5. Japan, duh :)

  6. The huge thumb is in la defense in paris

  7. #11 Former Netscape HQ, west of Middlefield Light Rail Station, Mountain View, CA, USA

  8. There is an Elephant standing on the tip of its trunk in the square in Avignon, France outside the Papal Palace. However, it is permanently installed and appears to be bigger than the one pictured.

  9. The sheep in the chair is in australia canberra in civic square

  10. The empty-headed man with the little one on his shoulders is in Prague, Old Town. It´s a homage to Franz Kafka, one of the most famous Czech writers.

  11. KANCHO!

  12. From hell problebly.

  13. The first one and the last are in South Korea.

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