Squiggle Eyebrows And Lips Beauty Trend Takes Over Instagram

No beauty trend is too stupid for 2018. Just when we thought we have seen it all, along came #squigglebrows and #squigglelips… Because haven’t you always wanted it to look like you have little snakes slithering above your eyes and around your mouth?

9 thoughts on “Squiggle Eyebrows And Lips Beauty Trend Takes Over Instagram”

  1. a fool in their selfie is soon posted…

  2. AKA “A 5 year old did my makeup.”

  3. If you vibrate very fast during the photoshoot all lines will be smooth.

  4. Interesting. Women blessed with natural beauty don’t seem to follow this trend going by these pictures.

  5. Well, I must take back – in part – my comments to z7z about nothing funny on EatLiver. Squiggle lines on faces of some of our humanity. Funny stuff…

  6. Confectioners gone wild

  7. Your humor sux.

  8. a few mental patients dont constitute a trend

  9. Smearing shit on our eyebrows is fun!

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