Donald Trump Inspires Me

8 thoughts on “Donald Trump Inspires Me”

  1. All politicians initially have no experience.

  2. Lol, compared to Hillary, 0bama, w, and the rest of the warmongers responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands if not millions. All trump has done is give people jobs.

  3. why is everyone scared of Trump, but ok with the same crooks who have been raping the USA for years?

  4. Donald Trump that dirt bag,, was a no experience politician from Chicago that did community organizing for Saul Alynski.
    Oh wait…

  5. 5 days into office, Trump will launch nuclear bombs against all Scandinavian countries. Reason? “I am Donald Trump! I don’t have to explain anyhing. Kill them all! Let’s make America great again. Huuuuge boom.”

  6. Cats > Donald Trump. Seriously.

  7. The alternative is an evil shrew.

  8. For the crooks, they can’t buy Trump. They give him campaign donations and he won’t give them what they want (well he might, it’s pot luck), and he won’t be interested in anything they offer after his term. He’s a loose cannon. For normal people- he’s a damn idiot. Besides that he has suggested using nukes (countries don’t use nukes because they know it means horrific retaliation, but if Trump uses nukes anyway, why not everyone else?). He has suggested “refinancing” the US’s debt- aka declaring bankruptcy. Just the idea that this might happen would lead to massive evacuation of anything financial in the US. Plus world bank sinking because it’s currency (the US dollar) has no value anymore if US bankrupts. Building a massive wall that won’t really stop much illegal immigration, cost vastly more than the benefit it provides, will certainly not be paid for by Mexico. Creating a religious test for entry to the US- which the constitution of the US says is unconstitutional (like a core pillar of US values). So if you are going to ignore the constitution on that issue, why not all of them? His oppression of the media at his rallies would almost certainly lead to state run/controlled media under his rule.
    I can keep going.

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