Crazy Conspiracy Theories That People Actually Believe

37 thoughts on “Crazy Conspiracy Theories That People Actually Believe”

  1. Okay, the ice bucket challenge is stupid and cold, but waking the dead? . . . . . . C’mon . . .

  2. My brother and sister-in-law actually believe the dinosaur one. They are “young earthers” who honestly believe the earth is just over 5,000 years old because the Bible says so and believe the fossils were put there by God to test our faith.

  3. These are all so bad. Apparently 4% of US people believe the lizard people theory.

  4. Oh yeah I like the near panic some people in the US had over Jade Helm 15, that the US military was going to invade and conquer some southern US states. That are already sovereign US territory. Of course no one would suspect a country conquering it’s own land!

  5. Warming alarmists believe humans can control the climate.

  6. I fell off the edge of the earth one time. Luckily a turtle broke my fall.

  7. Yeah – fighting climate change & getting rid of fossil fuels would only help us become energy independent, would preserve our rain forests, preserve our glaciers, create sustainability & green jobs, make livable cities, clean water, clean air, healthier children, etc. etc. etc. Why would we want to create a better world for nothing?
    The only people who benefit from denying climate change aren’t people. They’re the multi-billion dollar, multi-national corporations that make a profit from it.

  8. The hell you say?

  9. I tend to believe all politicians, journalists, lawyers 2 faced 4 hearted lizard skinned space aliens. But that’s just me.

  10. This is why we can’t have nice things!

  11. My favorite: “A Jewish carpenter who had a single mom and two dads was executed and rose from the dead to became a cosmic zombie who says if you don’t telepathically accept him as your master he’ll send you to burn in the underworld forever because a talking snake convinced a rib woman to eat magic fruit.”

  12. I believe in climate change. I also believe in volcanism, variations in the energy output of the sun, and eccentricities in the earths orbit and tilt of it’s axis. Let me know when climatologists understand what caused the last Ice age to end.

  13. A ball of gases explodes for no reason a bazillion years ago and eventually turns into complex DNA and elements, then out of nowhere walking fish frogs, fish frogs turn into monkeys, then into humans using laptops! derp

  14. The Bible states the age of the Earth at no point. The whole Young Earth thing is basically fan fiction. Completely non-canonical.

  15. The young earth thesis is actually based on a guy counting the generations back that are mentioned in the bible. I suppose he wasn’t even sure himself.

  16. Humans can’t control the climate. … But they can change it for the worse.

  17. I’ve seen “V” too. The classic series with space lizard nazis was better than the remake.

  18. Big Bang is just an obtuse form of creationism- religion disguised as science.

  19. That ball of gas thing seems more likely than this fairy tale. Without the gas ball no one could tell the story.

  20. They’re so small and one dimensional that they can never be proved or disproved. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it.

  21. Aren’t we able to see gas turning into starts and solar systems many light years away? Now show your zombie jew.

  22. Those Hubble Telescope photos are really just artists renderings.

  23. There’s more: “We’re all the product of incest among the children of the Fig Leaf Couple, and then later more incest when humanity was reset to only eight people who survived a planet-wide, out-of-nowhere flood of water by riding an amazing super-boat made by a 500-year-old man, sharing that boat with penguins and wombats that waddled to the Middle East from Antarctica and Australia, respectively, then waddled back (on top of the ocean, Jesus-style!) when it was all over. But it’s all true, because, you know, trees and pretty sunsets.”

  24. Ha! My plan for domination has been secured. You’ve all been fooled…

  25. Climate change & getting rid of fossil fuels would only help us become energy independent, would preserve our rain forests, preserve our glaciers, create sustainability & green jobs, make livable cities, clean water, clean air, healthier children, etc. etc. etc.
    It’s the best thing since sliced bread!!

  26. @Meh
    Repeating Billy Bong Thorton is not clever.

  27. Actually, he was repeating Jim.

  28. There is actually an “The Earth is Flat Society” – Google it!

  29. It wasn’t gas it was pure energy the size of an atom and it makes more sense than the universe being created by Sunday….

  30. if you’ve ever heard “Silly Love Song” then you probably believe the Paul Mc Cartney one.


  32. FUBO I am so relieved to see someone else with an understanding of how irrelevant humans are to the structure and survival of the planet. We are far too narcissistic a species.

  33. Yes, Fubo, and climate change believers, KNOW humans have AND do. Go back to your flat earth, fossil fuel addicted
    friends and leave sensible folk alone.

  34. That’s so far removed from reality it could be considered a severe mental illness!

  35. Oh ffs read the research!

  36. The “Elvis Presley” thing is also something….just search for Pastor Bob Joyce on youtube…somehow hard to believe that he’s not Elvis…

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