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  1. I’m not crazy

  2. Yay a cat!

    Cats > Rattus Wannabees

    • Rattus-wannabe March 5, 2018

      How dare you?

    • static shock March 5, 2018

      Cats lick their b*lls then lick your face
      I hate cats and any lonely old woman or never going to get laid man who keeps them
      But i still agree with you on the pesky impostors who seem to have no life or no real voice

    • static shock March 5, 2018

      I changed my mind. I love cats and Rattus wannabes

    • static shock March 5, 2018

      And I really like CatMan too. And I’ll never change my mind back. No matter what I’ll post later on, *this* is my opinion for ever.

    • Hitler for dogs March 5, 2018

      I like catman too

  3. relax, it just beer this time, she’ll just watch telly and pass out.

  4. Intl nationalist March 5, 2018

    Just the beer aisle, and while on that, I see bud on the shelf. So don’t worry, it’ll be alright.

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