Help Me!


Sir, help me. She's buying wine, and when she buys wine, she drinks wine and When she drinks wine, she makes me wear funny clothes and she calls me her baby. She's crazy, man! Help!


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  1. Shes not wearing a mask! Shes killing people! OMG in heaven…

    • Over 60,000 dead in the U.S. now.

      It’s spreading more here than other countries. Maybe it’s because of folks like Eric who don’t care…

    • @Anon. Or it could be because Trump has failed to provide leadership much preferring to blame everyone else as usual.

  2. The Old Man on the Mountain Alamut April 30, 2020

    Bud, Löwenbräu, Heineken… she is buying beer, not wine. A beer intoxication causes singing of football chants, followed by browsing through Netflix and the decision to watch all Expendables movies. Than she will fall in sleep during the second action scene and wake up in the morning on a beer soaked sofa with a almighty hangover. The cat should be fine.

  3. Ooooo virus talk. Ok. Sooo everyone is going to get the virus. Everyone. Most won’t even know it. Some will get sick and tragically some will die. But everyone will get it. So its just a matter of time. So you have to just accept that and move on with life. How you FEEL about that doesn’t matter. Grow a pair.

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