How To Receive a Crappy Christmas Present

Created by Matthew Inman.

10 thoughts on “How To Receive a Crappy Christmas Present”

  1. This looks like the work of The Oatmeal?

  2. Is your real name Sherlock Holmes?

  3. Surely the ‘signature’ in the final picture was a give-away. I mean, one doesn’t have to be Sherlock Holmes, one only has to have the ability to read ^^

  4. Come on, Gentlemen. Give him credit. I couldn’t find the clue. He did. New master detective in town.

  5. Do you want to make a note, Mr. Holmes?

  6. Of course not, my dear Doctor. Let us forget about this.

  7. A ceramic beaver is a modification of Fleshlight

  8. I only want the vomiting squirrel gravy boat.

  9. Well at least it’s not a starbucks gift card

  10. This website looks like The picture in top of rhis page seems to be a joke, involving christmas presents. And how to receive them.

    Cream of What might just be on another level. He took the hint from the comic, and are desvribing the “poor gift” (the comic) to us all.

    It’s like he is playing 5-D chess. And the rest of you are on a ZX Spectrum playing space Invaders in a parallel universe where only 1 colour exist; fecesbrown.

    – CatMan

    PS Cats > X-mas

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