Not All Dogs Are Brave: Some Are Afraid of Ridiculous Things



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  1. Liberal dogs.

    • Prince Leo May 19, 2017

      They all look like @Dat and @Rattus

    • Nah, they must be conservatives because they are afraid of new and different things.

    • I’m more like a tomcat, you know.

    • I’ve already told you that I’m a *****. Pay attention you half-wit.

    • Prince Leo May 20, 2017

      @cafcaf Islam is not a new thing, it’s quite old. And all the countries where they are majority, it sucks bad for local minorities.
      But hey, discussing facts with commies is impossible anyway.

    • @Prince Leo: Bigots and their facts…

    • Prince Leo May 21, 2017

      @cafcaf I’m glad to hear where I’m mistaken

  2. The dog and the cat one is wrong. The dog was protecting the cat and wasn’t scared. That last one is when his owner came home. The owner’s roommate took the photos. Originally on Imgur a year or two back.

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