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3 thoughts on “Pride”

  1. Sodomite pride right campaigns by corporations tends to be a financial under performer;

    For Example;
    Hey Jane, lets buy some Campbells soup for little Jimmy. I really like their homosexual family friendly campaign! (unlikely)

    At the grocery store;
    Shall I buy the Campbells soup which does creepy political social morality ads or buy the Progresso soup sold right next to it that does not have political ads? Jack reaches for the Progresso soup can. (more likely)

  2. It not like other corporations carry a good religious, bigott hat to do the same thing the other way around. Advertizing is always fake. It’s all about money. American capitalism doens’t know any morals or ethics. 8 of 10 Americans would sell their neighbour family into slavery if it would make themselves rich.

  3. A few small business’s are still OK (they have to incorporate to CYA). With big business, it’s all about the bottom line – providing a return to the shareholders, many of whom are the upper echelon of the business itself. To hell with community, employees, customers, the quality of whatever product or service they offer. The pride part is just the vomit spewed by some public relations firm. Don’t look too hard or you might find that corporations you admire are really just snake,

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