Just Think About It

11 thoughts on “Just Think About It”

  1. Chickaaaaan!

  2. Eggs are more like “menstruation” since they are not fertilized. Think about that now.

  3. Land lord must be a Jew and didn’t even know it.
    Exodus 23:19.

  4. Disgusting

  5. What about sausages? I’ll grind you up and stuff you in your own intestines!

  6. The Paul Simon song “Mother and Child Reunion” was inspired by the name of a chicken and egg dish at a Chinese restaurant

  7. Hey, ya can’t have “chicken-fried-chicken if’n ya don’t soak the chicken in eggs and drag’em in flour. Then ya use chicken stock and flour to make yer cream gravy to go on the top of the chicken.What’s all the fuss?Break some eggs – chop some chicken – enjoy life.

  8. You know I would not give you false yolk.
    On this strange and mournful day
    But the mother and child reunion
    Is only some stir-fry away.
    BTW: The human equivalent would be for humans to bathe in abortions… I’m just sayin…

  9. Also, consider that cheese is congealed bovine discharge!
    Behold the power of cheese!

  10. chicken pot
    chicken pot
    chicken pot

  11. They are if you have a rooster!

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