Brilliant Anti-Constipation Ad

6 thoughts on “Brilliant Anti-Constipation Ad”

  1. Somehow looks like Stihl ad.

  2. The only time it doesn’t fit is in the toilet bowl when it won’t flush.

  3. This is rude. Where on earth would someone put a poster like this where children can see it?????

  4. Odds are your kids will know this word if they can read. The world is full of great ways to educate and teach your children manners and what is appropriate. I would have said that is not a good word to use and moved on, if my kids said anything at all.

  5. WHOA there Splat, that word goes back so far in the world’s various languages as to possibly be the first word uttered. Here’s the scene – man, or woman, squats down to do the business and sits on a thorn, sticker, or other protruding object. It hurts. First word out of the mouth is (insert whatever word from whatever language has this meaning) and there is the first and correct usage of the word. Do you have (insert the word) for brains?

  6. I was trying to say it is not a big deal. I find the ad funny. If someone is worried about their children seeing this; take the opportunity to educate. Quite frankly, I have no issue with this word. But no brains…infact I had an elective complete lobotomy. That is how one can get into mensa. #(word)forbrains

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