Kinda Similar To The Current State of EU

27 thoughts on “Kinda Similar To The Current State of EU”

  1. Kinda should stick to being funneh.

  2. Kinda should stick to being a “neurologist”….

  3. Did they come to a conclusion at least? I am kinda interested.

  4. … and Kauf Buch’s anchestor took a sh*t instead of guarding the walls. — So Constantinople fell.
    The debate about the gender of angels is as old as the christian church. It was usual business for cleriks. Don’t believe everything you read in weird blogs even if it is decorated with nice, colorfull pictures.
    Constantinople was weakend by years of miss harvest caused by climate fluctuations and disease. … A vulcanic eruption might be the reason. Such fluctuation can affect a small area of the globe even thousands of kilometers away and leave the close neighbourhood unaffected. Recently indications were found to support that theory.

  5. Kinda should stick to buying books. … and try reading them… try hard.

  6. Back in the day they had to break down the wall, use trebuchets, swords and such.
    Today they let them in, give a place to live, food and offer to let them sleep with their sisters.
    So, a little different.

  7. We all know you prefer to sleep with your sister yourself.

  8. Angels have no gender, as created spirits that have specific functions given them by YHWH they have no need to reproduce, gender is irrelevant. That being said, if you read the Books of Adam and Eve as well as the Book of Enoch you will find that angels, in the case of Enoch, have the power of creation as far as making for themselves bodies of flesh – and married human females, their offspring were the giants mentioned in the Book of Genesis as well as Book of Enoch. The reason demons don’t create bodies of flesh for themselves today is because all of them saw what happened to those that did and fear being punished as those angels who made themselves bodies of flesh had been, as detailed in the Book of Enoch.
    In the case of the Books of Adam and Eve, satan and his demons changed their appearance to mimic that of human males and females, adults and children, so to deceive Adam into sinning once again by making him lust for Eve before they had been married and given permission from YHWH so to do. Evil has long been at war with humanity, and today humanity hardly recognises evil as humanity more or less embraces evil and calls it good.

  9. Kewl angel story, bro. Do leprechauns next.

  10. Never mind. Kauf is a butt.

  11. Me and Joe Bob has been arguing about that streak of cloud in that pitcher… He says its a contrail left by a UFO, and I say its a exhaust of a Russian TOS-1. After all, them Ruskies was real close to Constantinoble and mite of thought a invasion was immenant.

  12. Ottomans sent them to ask angels personally.

  13. This is too long an explanation for those who seek the simplest, and usually wrong, answers to all sorts of questions.

  14. Don’t know what you have been taking, but it is very obvious that it was way too much.

  15. hmmm.. interesting.

  16. You are so learn-ed papa Homer..

  17. I think it’s a smoke trail from the victory celebration barbeque.

  18. Jeez, I hope they weren’t disappointed by the answer.

  19. It’s pronounced learn’d, Pepsi.

  20. And so Constantinople shall be known as Snowflake City. All shall all dye their hair pink and wear Lens Crafter’s frames taking selfies with thy holy iPhone.

  21. @Landlord
    It would be better you delete the post then change words which don’t convey the meaning.

  22. Well you know those frail scholars, who have studied for years/decades and usually have no combat or strategy skills, probably light on logistics skills too. Kind of better that they were out of the way.

  23. But that would mean hard fighting, experienced soldiers like Kauf Buch’s anchestor are responsible for the fail. How dare you blame those lame heroes of a lost battle?

  24. Hand SAM missile supplied by the Soviets. Russia did it!

  25. just like the USA is becoming

  26. Yurps sure have had a lot of wars

  27. They all have male names, but I don’t think gender is trait of an Angel.

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