Read It In David Attenborough’s Voice


When threatened, the Common North American Trump (anus tangerinus) inflates its neck pouch and emits hostile tweets.


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  1. Steve Erwin’s voice is also quite amusing.

  2. I thought the reaction was “goes golfing”. Standard Response…

  3. He’s gone now. He lost. Find something new to ridicule and talk about. It was old 3 years ago.

    • Some 70+ million still think Trump is the solution rather than the problem…

    • He don’t want to be lost. He wants to be rediculed.

    • He’s the one who is refusing to go away. He wont concede and now he’s trying to get Barr and others to help him delegitimize the U.S. election even though there is no sign of significant fraud.

      Yeah, we USED to be leaders of the free world. Certainly never were with Trump around.

      Besides, I saw plenty of Obama bashing memes on the internet before the election, so it’s not like you repubs have any moral high ground…..

  4. Liberals are the problem. Biden ain’t yo president yet

  5. Meanwhile, big Pharma stocks are suddenly soaring. Know why??? Because they will once again have the power to rip Americans off with Obozo-care with no competition with cheaper identical drugs imported from other countries. (By the way, the big Pharma medicine will be in the form of a suppository, so get some lube ready.) But don’t worry…Funny Trump pictures will fix everything, just like Pay Doh and Tide Pods do!

    • Your med prices are high because the republicans in your governments don’t want real, full healthcare. So there are weird hybrid systems forced on you by conservative lobbyist that are very benificial for big and small pharma.
      Other countries with working health care and social systems do all this with ease and normal prices. You are barking the wrong tree and bite your own tail.

    • She should bite her tounge! Women have no right to argue. So says the word of God. Shut up, wench. Go back to the kitchen were you belong. The computer is for searching recepies. Not posting your unholy opinion online.

    • Yeah, how’s that counter proposal by the GOP looking?

      5 years ago – “Obamacare is the worst bill in history!!”

      now – They aren’t even trying. Trump never came up with a plan and neither did his buddies in the Senate. Turns out the current GOP can’t even improve on the worst bill in history. That’s incompetence for ya!

  6. As soon as the Mueller report is released you will know without the shadow of a doubt Russia interfered on Trumps behalf on the election!!!

    • We already do!

      Just read the report out of the senate this summer. The REPUBLICANS there agree that the Trump campaign was working with wikileaks and Russians. It’s not a report from the New York Times or something you can just dismiss as “fake news”. Republicans, the CIA and the FBI all agree.

  7. TheNorwegianBear November 10, 2020

    What organization is most likely to force pharma to supply prescription drugs at a lower rate:
    * several independent (small and big) insurance companies with close relations to pharma and that can shift any increased cost by increasing insurance premium
    * a national bureau negotiating for a whole country
    Cost of prescriptions drugs in USA per capita is way higher than any other country in the world. Maybe not so healthy population but still.

  8. Eric the half bee November 10, 2020

    What a sad little man. Not even mature enough to admit when he loses. America you deserve this idiots

  9. If Biden survives the recounts and investigations of fraud, which he should, I’d bet a buffalo head nickel that Islamist Extremists would go back to being at Obama levels. They just beheaded 50 people and under Biden these death will grow and grow. Watch and see. Now read the defenders of Islam ☪️ below.

    • 50 whole people! Wow…..

      That’s almost as much as the 230 thousand Americans dying from a preventable disease. (actually it’s closer to 5 thousand times worse.) It’s likely to be near a half million by the end of winter. Get your priorities straight.

      BTW – we used to have weapons inspectors in Iran too. Now they are building nukes.

    • Trump killed more than 50 people by covid incompetence…

  10. BabyGonnaCry November 11, 2020

    Basking in your butthurt is so utterly delicious. I could do this all day.

    • Rightards are indeed the greatest whiners when they lose. Must be some nature’s law.

  11. I voted for Biden. I just know democratic policies will allow the growth of radical islam just like Obamas policies. 8 years of ISIS then Republicans policies ended them in what 6 or 7 months. Just how it is.

    • Rubbish. Republican policies (Bush) created ISIS. Kurds ended them and were close to wipe them out when they were stabbed in the back by Trump, who gave pretty much free reign to islamist Erdogan. Now, under Trump, ISIS is reorganising and growing again. For all their faults, the Democrats had very little to do with that, and Biden has at least said that he supports the Kurds.
      How it will turn out? We’ll see, but there is no sign that Biden will be as fawning as Trump when it comes to the really powerful and dangerous islamists: Saudi Arabia and Erdogan’s Islamic AKP party.

    • When Obama worked with Iran, we had U.N. weapons inspectors in Iran.

      Now, we won’t be able to get anyone in there to inspect again, and Iran is building nukes. That’s not winning.

    • MArGA...rine November 11, 2020

      So Trump did the best. Trumpeteers think if you can’t see something it doesn’t exist. Like corona.
      If no one can inspect Iran those nukes don’t exist.
      Republican logic.

    • Happy days are here again... November 14, 2020

      Not just inspectors (that weren’t allowed to actually inspect), we also had giant cargo planes filled with cash going to Iran, under Obama/Biden. Mullah moolah!!!

  12. Writes checks, deplorable. November 11, 2020

    Arizona in play, all states with auto-R->D voting machine converters are in play. December 14th is when the electors are seated. The president select is not yet the president elect.

    :laughs: while he deletes his pro Trump and 2A emails, just in case. Don’t want any visits to my work or home by the Colectivo’s.

  13. I think you mean “baaawww”

  14. Dear EUro,
    I always listen to Mark Twain’s advice when dealing with liberals like you….”Never argue with a stupid person. They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”
    …and I can tell you have a lot of experience at being stupid!

    • God's Servant November 11, 2020

      “The women must not be allowed to speak. They must keep quiet and listen, as the Law of Moses teaches.”

    • Hahaha, “Ida”. Do you really think I’m dealing with you? I clarify your moronic twaddle to others. You are just a little, poor incel.
      This is EUro. Site would let me post for some reason.

    • wouldn’t

  15. So 50 people isn’t enough for you. I Wasn’t even talking about Trump. You cant NOT talk about Trump. Get some help.

    • Of course you were. The only reason you would post such BS about the other side.

  16. It’s not BS. Check your facts. Under Obama ISIS grew exponentially. Under Trump poof they were driven back into caves. Dropping a Moab sent a strong signal. Power perceived is power achieved.

    • The Moab was dropped in Afghanistan, not Syria. Yes, it hit someone who pledged allegiance to ISIS, but I doubt if they were a threat there comparable to the Taliban. And they couldn’t help out in Syria/Iraq as they would have to pass through Iran (not advisable). Look at a map
      There can’t be many caves in the Syrian (mostly) desert outside the southwest (Assad-controlled) and the northeast (Kurdish territory). But of course ISIS had no use for caves as they took over cities and towns with lots of human shields. Even the Con Don would understand, after a thorough explanation, that you just can’t use Moab on those. And ISIS knew that very well.

    • ISIS grew in Syria. The US has no jurisdiction there. So you can’t blame Obama for foreign affairs. Except you want declare war to half the Middle East and throw bombs on their civilians to hit one or two IS members.

    • You’re concerned about what happens on the other side of the world after your leader has been bashing the constitution?
      He argued in front of the supreme court that a president can’t be charged with a crime.
      He argued that congress has no right to investigate him.
      He says a free press is the enemy of the people. ( got that one from Stalin,)
      Now he’s attacking our free and fair elections.

      He’s somewhere between an authoritarian and a fascist. Should we worry about America first, or distract people with stories about the other side of the planet?

    • Nobody in Iraq or Syria is afraid of America.

      We have no control in either country. Dropping ONE bomb doesn’t scare them at all, it just reminds them to stay well hidden. It also reminds them to hate America. Remember 20 years ago when Bush said he’d eliminate all those places the terrorists thrive and recruit? They are thriving in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. Ooops. Well now at least the U.S. can wire tap our phones and send us to an offshore prison for torture. #GOPfreedom

  17. Yes, we all know that Trump invented the Corona Virus!
    He even duped the dummy democrat governors to move the infected into nursing homes to wipe out the elderly.
    It all backfired though. Biden still got the majority of the 100+ year olds votes, including a full 149% of the Civil War veterans on the voter rolls.

  18. Can’t we all just get along? It’s not like both sides aren’t lying corrupt scumbags. It’s not like any candidate these days wouldn’t shoot their own mother in the back to get elected. It’s not like voters aren’t getting the representation they deserve for ignoring it all as long as the particular dirtbag is flying the right political gang colors. Just relax, and bask in the sheer audacity of it all.

  19. No need to fight, you’re all correct Republicans, Democrats, they’re bad people. God*bleep* us, everyone…

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