People Who Don’t Know How To Spell “Cologne”

9 thoughts on “People Who Don’t Know How To Spell “Cologne””

  1. Kauf Buch smells like colon all the time.

  2. “I loved his colon so much that now I’m pegnate.”

  3. You flatter me with all you attention,
    but I think your time would be better spent
    at meetings to break your pedo addiction.

    that is how I smell, said she.

  4. How do you know that all these people actually misspelled “cologne”? Some of these may be intentionally and knowingly written “colon” because that’s what they meant.

  5. and this is how one gets gobsmacked.

  6. “&u can smell they are colon”
    best one

  7. Probably “I do not enjoy smelling my own colon” is a sentence I can subscribe to, but I can’t understand how can somebody spray his colon on other.

  8. Cologne is not the only thing they can’t spell.

  9. I still smell the sent of his colon…

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