Twitter Users Who Don’t Know How to Spell “Cologne”

15 thoughts on “Twitter Users Who Don’t Know How to Spell “Cologne””

  1. just one question – how do you understand in these tweets those who misspelled “cologne” and those who actually like colon and how it smells?

  2. ..and smell my colon.

  3. Smells like teen colon…

  4. americans have weirder fetishes

  5. A colon smells of ink. So does a semicolon and other punctuation marks.

  6. Colon is also a part of a large intestine. Imagine the smell of that!

  7. @Bajom: No shit, Sherlock. Pun intended.

  8. Ah, my first thought was “How do we know these are all spelling mistakes?’ I’m not alone.

  9. The moment you realise they’re saying ‘colon’

  10. Just a binch of illiterates!

  11. And when i tell you, that i even live in colon, ehm Cologne…

  12. I got arested for spitting in cologne once

  13. oh yes!! spray me with your golden colon!!!

  14. Well pilgrim, only after you eat the peanuts out of my sh*t!

  15. Seems like an epidemic of people smelling colons nowadays. I assume this is because colostomys have become so common. With so many people walking around with part of their colons outside their bodies, I suppose it’s possible to smell them.

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