Coffee Is Great!

I love the smell of socially acceptable chemical dependence in the morning.

11 thoughts on “Coffee Is Great!”

  1. Pffft coffee, don’t talk to me until I’ve had my 1st cup of adrenochrome.

  2. When it’s a conservative speaker liberal protesters turn out in droves to stifle speech and it often devolves into violence. When it’s a liberal speaker the counter protesters are far fewer and less violence seems to be involved. When neonazi groups show up at liberal events intending to start fights the beat down they may receive in return is fair game.
    The wacko church in Kansas is exempt from this as any protests they receive is deserved for gathering at veterans funerals.

  3. Even better if the employees at the coffee shop are UNION.

  4. Starbucks is going union as I understand it

  5. Didn’t you get your coffee today?

  6. Yeah, one store out of thousands, yippee!

  7. Just a line of hate powder.

  8. A union. America is communist now. *lol*

  9. Coffee.
    No snowflake can get going in the morning without it.
    “Mmm… I smell COFFFeee! I NEED COFFFEEE! Is it Fair Trade? Is it organic?”

  10. It’s more coffin for conservative Americans than caffeine, right now. Still dying like flies. GOP will have to do massive gerrymandering to get votes. Stolen election.

  11. union? now overpriced bad coffee will triple in price and the employees will always be on a break.

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