Clumsy Seller




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  1. Steve is an *******. I’m never negotiating with him again. He called off a great deal because of $3.

  2. Okay, so you say it still works? I have a rusty 8-track player and some slightly used boogers. Would you consider a trade?

  3. Anonymous July 21, 2014

    Is this “David Thorne” again? Why do people find him funny?

  4. OMG, you guys made my day!!

  5. I am doubtful July 21, 2014

    Poorly done trolling. Or, is “Me” and “Steve” the same guy? Fess up EatLiver… you made this up, didn’t you?

  6. That’s not David Thorne.

  7. Does anybody know if the cd player is still for sale

  8. That poor CD player. What did it ever do to its abusive owner? LOL.

  9. I think the CD player is worth 65.

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