Poor Bill

22 thoughts on “Poor Bill”

  1. It’s funny because it’s true.

  2. Although Hillary is with him by choice. Melania stays with Trump out of fear for her life.

  3. @ zumanga

    HAHAhahahahahahahaha!!!! How much booze is in your eggnog?

  4. Side show Bill will never go wanting.

  5. On the one hand we have a vacuous, disposable Barbie Doll. And on the other we have one of the most admired, accomplished & intelligent people on the planet.

    The sad fact is that, even with all his supposed billions, Trump still wouldn’t be able to attract anyone of with even a fraction of Hillary’s character.

  6. Any side you take will have someone hate on you.

  7. It’s stunning how you’re being stupefyingly misogynistic and apologetic of Hillary Clinton at the same time when neoliberal identity politics is the only progressive element in her otherwise just neoliberal shit policies.

  8. Interesting to note a rabid Leftist PROMOTING sexism (“a vacuous, disposable Barbie Doll”), while APPROVING of cronyism, murder and treason (Hillary).

    Zelda exposes the utter filth of today’s Left.

  9. gtfo kauf i was first

  10. ^ To my comment above. It might be true, that she in fact is the most accomplished and intelligent people on the planet. I state this, so it’s clear my statement is opinionated, in order not to show my enormous logical phallic (it’s spelled that way, yes?).

  11. See what happens when women get the vote…

  12. What did Trump accomplish apart from messing up his companies several times, hosting lame TV shows and driving people he ruined by not paying his bills into suicide?
    All he did was becoming president by russian vote manipulation.

  13. Not as much as my sperm in yours. Cheers.

  14. The idea of bedding either Melainia or Hillary is a non-starter for me. I find neither of them physically attractive. As a friend Hillary seems much more interesting.

  15. I don’t think Melania is a stupid woman. But spending those years with this humunculus must left its marks. And I think she didn’t expected him to last that long.

  16. Hillary still lost.

  17. hooo the salt.Oceans of salt.

  18. Haha, clearly the weed fairy visited you on Christmas.

  19. I understand one is good with email servers and suppressing bimbo eruptions and the other one knows 5 languages but I always get them confused.

  20. It amazes me how people can be using the most powerful research tool in history and still be right-wing ignoramuses. I guess if the only news site you go to is foxnews.ru, you’re not gonna get acquainted with the truth.

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