Clever Dino Costume

11 thoughts on “Clever Dino Costume”

  1. Iwantz

  2. The costume or the cowboy?

  3. xD

  4. Dinosaurs? Give it a break already! The universe is only 5800 years old. No time for dinosaurs!!!

  5. This. Is. kinda cool.

  6. very cool! would love to see the mechanics within! the other dino costumes ive seen, you can see the persons legs within the dino’s legs…

  7. But will it shoot lasers?

  8. How does he do it?

  9. Cowboy has cigarette in his mouth. Probably not in USA because the cigarette would traumatize the kids.

  10. Does anyone know where this is at?

  11. Gardaland, Italy

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