Clarinet Boy vs. Karate Kyle: Who’s Tougher?

13 thoughts on “Clarinet Boy vs. Karate Kyle: Who’s Tougher?”

  1. Uhmm..strange..

  2. not funny. at all.

  3. What…?

  4. If all nerds had guns the world would be a better place.

  5. I’m confused. What does this all mean?

  6. The G minor joke funny was

  7. I know the guy on the left. He played football in college and married a hot chick. He’s rich and living in Manhattan.
    (That’s all a lie. I just want you people to like me.)

  8. are you…a professional humour judge by any chance? often i ask myself, is this funny, am i supposed to luagh at this or nah…? a person like you with the authority and the intellectual ressources to analyize the level of funniness and the generosity to share your expertise is after all very rare on the internet. i just wanted to thank you.

  9. That’s because you are the guy on the left. Nicce try “Forever Alone.”

  10. And paradoxically it would have less nerds in it. Due to the terrible but inevitable war between “Wars” and “Trek” factions in 2019.

  11. This is funny

  12. They used to call me names…. this uniform used to be white

  13. Hahahahahahaha

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