Churchill Logic

15 thoughts on “Churchill Logic”

  1. Yea it was just that simple. Not funny and not accurate.

  2. How is it not accurate?

  3. If they would not have appeased Stalin, the red army would have just continued marching westbound.
    Fact: The US for the first time supported a future opponent with goods including weapons.
    A practice that was repeated later and and to some observants is one of the baselines of US foreign policy.

  4. @Lolfosor: Because Churchill didn’t start WWII.

  5. Hitler invades and seizes Poland…but CHURCHILL “started” WWII?!?
    Who invents this ignorant rubbish?

    is to blame for the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  7. Only Hitler invaded Poland? Are you sure?

  8. LoLo Boy
    you can’t really be THAT stupid as to not understand the statement.

  9. Zoot Alors! Zis completely ignores ze bravery of ze heroic French!

  10. Churchill wasn’t even prime minister at the start of the war and poland was already in soviet hands before the end of the war, cant exactly give stalin what he already possesses

  11. Hitler invaded Poland sept 1.
    Great Britain and France had previously guarenteed Polish sovereignity and thus presented Hitler with an ultimatum cease fire or we declare war. Hitler ignore the wishes and thus GB and France declared war sept 3.
    Had Germany accepted the cease fire set 1 then Poland would never have become communist and WWII wouldn’t have happened. Same result had GB and France ignored their pledge to Poland. However that is purely speculations.
    Sept 1 was the trigger, sept 3 was the ignition.
    And it was Chruchill, as Chamberlain was stil PM at the time untill may 10 1940 where Churchill took over.

  12. Correcting typos…. set 1 = sept 1 ….. it was Churchill = It wasn’t Churchill.
    Apologise for the mistakes.

  13. Ouch…but easily digestible for those who don’t like to be burdened with facts.Winston, you deserve better.

  14. Churchill was not Prime Minister when WWII started, Chamberlain was. Plus i think you will find that Germany started the war, the UK just responded

  15. WW2 would never happen? You are aware of ussr plans on Europe? You might be speaking russian right now..

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