Christianity vs. Atheism

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  1. I get the idea that atheists have much more faith to believe “everything came from nothing and for no reason” than christians have in their faith.

  2. I think you will find that there was something before the big bang, and not this nothing that you talk of.
    To be more specific, there originally was a perfect mix of matter and anti matter pre-big bang, which somehow turned into more matter than anti matter. Of course this is a theory which is open to dispute, as it is currently impossible to determine what occurred before the big bang.
    That was too much formal information from me in one hit, so i am now off to smear cat feces in my eyes.

  3. The most recent scientific thought as to the big bang is that it didn’t happen. There have always been problems with the big bang theory, specifically in that directly after the big bang “happened” matter would have had to travel faster than the speed of light, which is impossible. There’s a lot of people and theories coming out now-a-days that say that whatever caused the universe to be, it wasn’t what we supposed before as to be the big bang.
    But what do I know? I believe in the Cosmic Zombie Jew Theory.

  4. As humans, we are seriously prone to making shit up to explain that which we do not understand. For instance, look up cargo cults.

  5. you got at lest one thing wrong: atheism is not a belief

  6. Oh sure it is. It takes about as much belief to say there absolutely is no greater being than to say there absolutely is one, it’s just absent all the elaborate, crazy stories and rules. The ones who admit that they don’t know the unknowable are called agnostics.

  7. Big Bang is just religion disguised as science.

  8. It’s an -ism, so it is a belief.

  9. The universe only exists in my mind.

  10. @Groot: uh… you know the meaning of the letter A in atheism?

  11. Most Christians are used to this by now but it’s really fun when you play the same game with atheists. They usually start getting real nutty when this statement is made. They don’t know what to say and very often fall back on insults over intelligence when their beliefs are confronted. It’s very quiet in here so far though. Any minute now…

  12. Atheism is a belief ? So thinking that there isn’t a big chocolate ball somewhere near jupiter is a belief too ?

  13. Atheism doesn’t really believe in anything.
    SCIENCE tells us there were some conditions that led to our existance. Atheism simply accepts that.
    SCIENCE also has pretty darn reasonable proof, that there was no “magical rearrangement”, but that we can trace the source and the process of every event that happened. Including rearrangement. There are certain steps that happened in the Unieverse, till we get where we are and till stars went where they are.
    Atheism, purely, should be a philosophy of reason, hence accept scientific findings as the only existing reality, at the same time accepting, that they might be flawed, since humans simply at this point might lack the capability to do even further research (After all we have very feeble theories on the occurance of the Big Bang. And we find even more and more complex explanations for the microscopic world). After all there have been many “BASIC” theories that newer and more complex theories have overthrown (in many fields. Most notably astrophysics and most often – psychology and medicine).
    One day we may find all answers, but that’s a distnat future.

  14. theism is a belief in religious matters
    a-theism is a belief these religious matters are false.
    As far as we are concerned, atheism relates ONLY to existing theisms.
    Atheists by default simply do not believe in the explanation of the order of things proposed by religious teaching existing. Atheists do not really care about whether there is some univeral intellect or some sort of god or perhaps universal chaos, as it does not concern their basic non-believing in existing earthly teachings.
    Atheists are that and nothing else.
    Scientist for example is a person who believes in findings of the science.
    Most if not all atheists usually also accept the findings, even if they not being scientists don’t understand them fully, as the truth, as science by default is based on reasonable observations.
    An eatliverist is a person who believes that looking at semi-funny images iwll make their lives happier, while they won’t.

  15. When you hear someone is an atheist, you don’t yet know anything about what they believe, you just know what they don’t believe. The fact someone doesn’t believe in gods tells you nothing about their views on physics, cosmology or science in general.

  16. @Boyodd: That my main problem with atheists: they are more concerned/verbal/obsessed with what they don’t believe.

  17. @Boyodd :
    Everybody believes :
    Deitists obviously believe in god(s).
    Atheists believe there is/are no god(s).
    Agnosts believe it’s not possible to know

  18. @DrMick
    Ultimately yes, because you cannot be 100% sure.

  19. Scientology has a lot of crimes to atone for, but I think the biggest one, the worst one, is that they took the name “Scientology.” Scientology should apply to people like you who turn science(the study of the natural world) and turn it into a religion. You believe in things because SCIENCE! and for no other reason. It’s driven by faith, not in preachers or bishops or popes, but scientists. SCIENCE! could be wrong and not only would you not know(because SCIENCE! would have to be the one to tell you they’re wrong and they’ve never been good at that) you wouldn’t even care. Why? Because SCIENCE! is always right, even when it’s wrong.
    I don’t think I’ve seen more dogmatic and oppressively faithful people than people that believe in SCIENCE!

  20. How cute!
    Now try it again, using the *actual* claim of atheism:
    “Hmm, Thor and Horus and Yahweh and Shiva all sound like man-made mythical characters. Unless someone can show reason to think otherwise.”
    Ooh, so crazy!

  21. A belief that beliefs are wrong is a belief in itself. Sorry, atheists.

  22. @Groot: so to you ia an anevrysm or embolism a belief too?

  23. I believe in Harvey Dent

  24. I feel like this sentence has suffered an aneurism…

  25. If I look at Christians and Muslims and all the other people who believe and see what they do I accept their existance as perfect proof that a god does not exist. Who would create such people? Someone with a twisted humor? A Sarah Palin type of god? Disney?

  26. Dog is God spelled backwards.

  27. Atheism is not about believing that other beliefs are false LOL. It just denies existence of any supernatural creatures, like gods, unicorns or fairies… It’s simple as that.
    Theism is faith, a-theism is lack of faith- not “faith that other beliefs are wrong”, it’s a subtle difference…

  28. Atheists: That’s not even the real definition of our belief!!! It’s a lack of belief!!
    Christians: Lol, Cosmic Zombie.

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