Woman Builds A Tiny Bedroom Under The Stairs For Her Chihuahua


When building a house, you plan where your living room, kitchen, bathroom, kids room, and so on is going to be. But what about a room for your dog? Well, this woman used the space under the stairs and transformed it to cute and elegant room for her Chihuahua pet named Pancho.


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  1. Pancho? More like Harry Potter…

  2. Bubba and Joe Bob September 13, 2016

    Like in that other Cat thing, rats should be outside. Mebee in the barn or a rat trap.

  3. She even installed a black hole for the disposal of excrements. Smart move…
    Speaks for the canine loyality to endure terrible human taste.

  4. It's a jeep thing.... September 13, 2016

    Dobby is waiting in Harry Potters room…

  5. Cats would have made a better Dobby. Its name would most likely have been Cuteykitten. And the cat would have killed Lord Volde-you-know-who and also married Hermoine. Hermoine and the cats children/kittens would be exceptional beautiful and pictures would be posted on Eatliver for all to enjoy.
    But now instead… We got Dobby :(
    Cats > Dobby

  6. Hey Pancho, where’s Cisco?

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