A Whole Chicken in a Can (Bon Appétit)


Photos by Tracy.


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  1. Yum, yum! Looks delicious!

  2. I have experienced this myself. The pictures don’t capture the smell.

  3. i can just imagine the sound the chicken makes as it slowly slides out of the can… jeeez. doesnt even look no where near “fully cooked”.
    no, nope, I’ll never be that hungry.

  4. I’ve already eaten worse and had to pay

  5. Come on, it does not look good at all. Yuck

  6. Captain Salmonella September 19, 2014

    Fully Cooked?

  7. That’s foul!

  8. Los Pollos Hermanos makes better stuff.

  9. Wow, just goes to prove America is a third world country. Somalia is having a charity event to send you some rice.

  10. Now you know why it was crossing that road…

  11. I like to drink the “delicious broth” right from the can! Nothin’ better than stewed chicken in a can.

  12. That’s why EU citizens don’t want TTIP. But it seems the US has bought and/or blackmailed our politicians behind closed doors. Before the US send Tanks and bombers to conquer europe but failed. Now they will send boiled chlorine washed chicken – and we may be doomed this time. TTIP is war against freedom and individuality.

    • The entire European Union is war against freedom and individuality.

    • Just wait until we send our chicken tanks. We tried chicken bombers but chickens can’t fly.

    • Thanks for giving us your IP address EUro. We needed a good aiming point for the drones…

    • The Lone Wonderer September 20, 2014

      I’m affraid our brilliant minds may never be untangled. How do you think that’s true? I mean they don’t force their rules upon us, or would for instance never tell us there’s a crisis when there’s not.. The people in the EU govt are descent upstanding creatures that would by no means commit fraud or extortion. They all have the best in minds for the people that they serve. If that means that we have to watch them lick their balls every now and then or chase a car, that’s okay. DOGS I’m talking about dogs again sorry.
      Yea you’re kinda right on that one. Then again individuality isn’t necessarily a good thing. It makes us not work together. People need to start worrying less about money and work and more about helping others. My opinion. Also, the way money is divided right now only makes for an illusion of freedom. Just think about it. We’re all “free” here, and we -think- we can go anywhere and do anything we please, but the only real thing that’s stopping you (and I) from doing that is money. We don’t rebel against our employers, our governments or fellow citizens’ behavior just because of that. We don’t want (we can, look at several civil wars going on around the world) to loose our jobs and gain our freedom. We in general feel entitled to it and I for one am sick of people acting chummy about it. Yelling “free speech!” like it’s the defense to anything. I’m starting to ramble again. Maybe it’s time for lunch.

    • @The Lone Wanderer
      I lived through a communist regime and a stalinist type family to have my naivety at 0% and to know that socialism, communism, mob rule, 99% and even democracy are the heads of the same monster. Hitler was bad, but Stalin killed 10 times more people and depersonalized so many millions even to this day. In the recent years, his way of thinking was simply refurbished and is being applied in America. The only difference is that the ruling class nowadays learned that the carrot is mightier than the whip.
      Now the EU is the exact same thing as the stalinist/US regime, but marketed differently. The corruption is probably higher than almost anything this world has ever seen, however the EU regime comes with a complex and consistent set of moralistic rulings to baffle and keep occupied and appeased if possible even the most exigent conscience.
      Individuality is the basis for any social gathering/idea. If your individuality is not 100% anchored in reality, going social is equivalent with anything from Idiocracy to the Khmer Rouge.
      Let’s check if our minds are really entangled: next time you want to speak look for me in the 1%. Not because I have money/power, nor because I am into sociopathic stuff or illuminati garbage, but because my individuality is strong enough to claim the 1% for people who really appreciate and love this life and don’t hurt others just to have/be more.

    • The Lone Wonderer September 22, 2014

      You just made my day, thanks. Though I can see what your point is, and I actually believe in more ways than 1 that you’re right. I’m not a big of a history buff, like you seem to be, nor part of the 1%. And in some ways I’m glad I’m not. Sure lots of money would ease the day to day life, but having had money in the past, I know that it only comes with a great burden, which is the people around oneself. The people in the same community. The people that still have no money. They will start to be your “friends”. Exploiting you, trying to get your money. Which, on a larger scale (governments) would lead to corruption I guess. Eventually those “friends” disappear with loss of the money. Effectively, the only way to erase all troubles with it, is to devaluate (not sure if it’s the right word here, not an English speaker) all monetary funds so that people will realize the worth of money as it is now.. nothing. It does not represent a certain amount of gold anymore. It’s just a figure, an idea we gave to it.
      However, in recent years I have noticed not only around me, but globally as well that people are starting to change their view on the current state of the artificial happiness that money can bring. People are actually starting to work together again, not to make money, but rather to have a -happy- life. A small example of this is a group of people living together, making their village (yes their entire village was made by themselves) and setting up their own pension plan, welfare and trades. Everyone worked harder because they just knew that any other person would as well. Everyone was less sick because they did stuff they actually liked. In general, these people were better off than under any government.
      Now, to say that this would be a great idea, it’s true. With the current population, and it’s growth however I don’t think it’s viable until we experience a large “apocalypse” of sorts. Might sound awful, but the best thing in my opinion that could happen to the world today is to have at least 30% of it’s population removed. We are too many and greed is taking over. It needs to stop. We can’t continue to grow and deplete resources that are finite.
      On the other hand, deploying large quantities of LSD in the water reservoirs might also do the trick. Studies show that even using that stuff once will soften, or even eliminate antisocial egotistical behavior. Not sure how, again, I’m not a very educated person sorry. Just one of those things that seem to conjure up in my grey coconut when reading through stuff.
      Oh. Not really sure what you meant by “Let’s check if our minds are really entangled: next time you want to speak look for me in the 1%. “. Care to elaborate?

    • @The Lone Wonderer
      To quote one very wise guy, you seem to be wanting to win the “Miss Universe” contest, because you talk too much about the good of the planet.
      Individual – family – small community: these are our problem. How does the liver contribute to the well being of the organism? By formulating philosophies? Unlikely. I’d say by staying healthy and functioning normally.

    • The Lone Wonderer September 23, 2014

      I have no intentions in winning any contest.
      Seems like I’m more of an optimist after all yet only needed this discussion to realize. Thanks!

  13. Now now Europe.. I personally save democracy from communism by serving powdered eggs in the US navy during the cold war. Good thing I didn’t serve that delicious looking Sweet Sue whole canned chicken or you’d all be speaking Russian today..

  14. No one is being forced to buy this crap. However, that it’s still being sold indicates there is a market for it.
    Caveat emptor!

  15. Maybe pick all the meat off the bones and make enchiladas!!!!

  16. I’m very afraid of “the kitchens of Sweet Sue”.

  17. You missed one of the best parts, the nutrition label. Servings per container: 15

  18. Jee, go home Sue, you’re drunk!

  19. Winner winner chicken dinner September 20, 2014

    Available on Amazon. Save with the 4-pack!

  20. What? No Giblets?!!! I’m ticked!

  21. C’mon, not one comment about LA Beast?

  22. Geesh… how much effort is it to buy a fresh one and stew or bake it? Doesn’t look like much meat. I’d say that’s “paultry poultry!”

  23. Thats just scarey !

  24. Hell naw. That is sick

  25. That is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen and I know for a fact they’ve never sold that shizz in my corner of America. Maybe they sell it elsewhere, but they don’t down here, thank God.


  27. PatronasKitty7 October 7, 2015

    Yum. Can’t wait for dinner!

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