Cheer Up!

15 thoughts on “Cheer Up!”

  1. Oh, the glorious Fiat Multipla 2002!

  2. its ugly but very confortable and strong. finally one of the goodest car for families

  3. A face only a mother could love.

  4. Not a pretty sight, unless you compare it to Ssangyong Rodius 2005, Pontiac Aztek or some newer Nissans like the Leaf or the Juke (often called Puke).

  5. I’ll tell that to the ladies…. “an ugly car can still be a good drive”

  6. Good one! I will steal it from you and try it out tonight.

  7. It’s the conjoined twins of the cars.

  8. AFAIK its only car after year 2000 to have three seats in front!

  9. Devil’s spawn!

  10. I remember that. Ugly as hell. Well, it’s a Fiat. Not much to expect.

  11. Well the car can still get you from point A to B. But me… I’m just ugly. That’s it.

  12. Will the gorgeous babe in the Road Kill tee shirt ad respect me if I pick her up in that car? Or do I have to buy a t shirt first?

  13. Nah, Multipla is wayyy uglier. Aztek is tough competitor, though

  14. It did not work, sadly.

  15. Described in a road test by Clarkson as “this mad car designed by a group of people that presumably never met”.

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