Checkmate, Atheists!

12 thoughts on “Checkmate, Atheists!”

  1. Ok. I’m convinced.

  2. Obviously the FLYING Spaghetti Monster.

  3. Sure.

  4. clearly photoshopped photos, I see quite a few pixels

  5. Thomas Knoll. Trust me on this one.

  6. Or maybe it was Peter Mattis and Spencer Kimball.

  7. This is humor? no
    This is a refutation? no
    This is a plane.
    These are two pictures of a plane.
    The pilot of that plane is boinking a stewardess.
    is in the plane in front of that one taking the photo of that plane.

  8. I see a g class yellow dwarf fusing hydrogen by accident

  9. Obviously the Kauf is correct.

  10. In the distant future, billions and billions of years from now, junkyards will be teeming with transformer life, according to the time tested fact of evolution!

  11. Either someone in another plane or a drone. Eff off cults!

  12. Go drink your kool aid cultsish c*nts!

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