Took Me a Minute…

13 thoughts on “Took Me a Minute…”

  1. Cheque, mate.

  2. Stalemate? Was the food stale?

  3. Thanks, mate.

  4. + it’s clearly a draw, what you see there btw.

  5. That’s a queen, black is in check.

  6. @MyPorscheSux
    That’s a White Queen.
    Cheque, mate!

  7. Australians don’t say check they say bill.

  8. HAHa. But they don’t ask for the Cheque in Australia, they ask for the Bill

  9. So when the other player can’t move his king, they say, “Bill, Mate”?

  10. Chill, mate.

  11. An Australian would say “Bill, mate”. . . and then would leave ZERO tip!! And the waiter would not be upset, because he gets paid a decent salary and doesn’t have to rely on bullshit tipping to survive.

  12. That’s why it’s an impossible position. The last move the Black made was to enter a check. It’s an illegal move.

  13. Was that a troll ? How do you make that out ?

    Anyway surely it would be the waiter that might ask for a cheque.

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