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  1. Cheque, mate.

  2. Binary gender man February 22, 2017

    Stalemate? Was the food stale?

    • Italiano Medio February 22, 2017

      That’s a queen, black is in check.

    • That’s why it’s an impossible position. The last move the Black made was to enter a check. It’s an illegal move.

    • Was that a troll ? How do you make that out ?

      Anyway surely it would be the waiter that might ask for a cheque.

  3. Australians don’t say check they say bill.

  4. Chill, mate.

  5. Richard Rejmer February 28, 2017

    An Australian would say “Bill, mate”. . . and then would leave ZERO tip!! And the waiter would not be upset, because he gets paid a decent salary and doesn’t have to rely on bullshit tipping to survive.

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