Hate When This Happens



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  1. And then three random dudes showed up with gifts.

  2. My Throat is Sore November 27, 2017


  3. Better than raping 9 year old girls (Aisha) and then
    threatening to kill anyone who criticizes you (mohammed).
    But then, it’s easier making fun of religions NOT threatening to kill YOU.

    • So YOU re threatening to kill the author in the name of christianity. Problem solved.

    • PoultryInMotion November 28, 2017

      Man, you must live a fun life. You even read jokes just to get outraged. You really need to go outside a bit, enjoy life, play, get laid, etc. This is really not healthy.

    • My Throat is Sore November 28, 2017

      Maybe not kill you, but you should read up on the mountain sermon, where your beloved Jesus tells his followers (and you and other christians) to pull out their own eyes if they see something they lust, and rip off their own arms if they masturbate.

    • @Sad Buch: You know, average Muslim’s mind is not as preoccupied with Islam as yours.

    • Not true Kauf! My local Christian group was so angry about the terrorist attacks they threatened to cancel the local fete!

    • You Leftists *almost* sound “funny.”

  4. I will stop following you because of this, there comes a point.
    I know you will be so disappointed.

    • A Questioning Mind November 28, 2017

      Hey Mitch, a question comes to mind. Who are you not going to follow – Jesus or EatLiver? One may be fictional and the other may be fractionable.

  5. Muslims too believe in virgin as well some other religion like Baha’i.
    The only problem between all of you is that you can’t agree on what the gospel/message was.

  6. It was meant for Kauf Buch.

  7. Disillusioned November 28, 2017

    Some funny comments in the threads might turn this back into a humor site again.

  8. Raised Catholic November 28, 2017

    But not attending any longer and I find this funny.

    Blessed are the cheese makers.

  9. A ten-year-old, under the tutelage of her grandmother, was becoming quite knowledgeable about the Bible. Then one day she floored her grandmother by asking, “Which Virgin was the mother of Jesus: the Virgin Mary or the King James Virgin?”

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