This Talented Russian Guy Creates Low-Cost Cosplays From Household Items

Alexander Kravets from Moscow explores deeper levels of ridiculousness by recreating popular TV, movie, game characters, or pictures of celebrities using only common household objects. The result is spectacular.

7 thoughts on “This Talented Russian Guy Creates Low-Cost Cosplays From Household Items”

  1. Mmm, sausage. What brand is that? Or is it cheese? #15

  2. Its says “Milk Sausages”, however those are made from meat. Russians are weird people.

  3. There are cultures in the west that eat the fetuses of cannibalistic birds with strips of flesh from an animal almost as close as a monkey to their DNA. It is combined with the baked crushed seeds of a mid-western grass covered with the bovine excretions of mammary glands. Truly disgusting.

  4. I think I understood what “Икра и водка на завтрак,” but maybe not. I don’t speak Russian. Anyway what he/she described sounds delicious, especially for breakfast. Um, yummy!

  5. In sowjet russia sausage eats you.

  6. This is poor 🤦‍♂️

  7. Like the Dracula bra.

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