Celebrity Wax Figure Fails



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  1. Firsty First February 16, 2015

    First to comment.
    inb4 second comment.
    >Some of these(most) are pretty bad.

  2. The Michael Jackson one is dead on.

  3. Adam Sandler and dude from Twilight aren’t that bad, but that asian Bill Clinton is insane.

  4. Who are these people and why is EatLiver showing only twins?

  5. I thought the Titanic one was something from Twilight until I scrolled down. And I always thought Julia Roberts looked a little manly, so I’m good with that one.

  6. I can’t tell the difference

  7. I can tell by the pixels

  8. The Bill Clinton one looks a hell lot like Jimmy Page.

  9. One thing that impresses me is that the Jim Carrey wax sculpture actually looks more like Jim Carrey than Jim Carrey.

  10. charleshormeku February 25, 2015

    handsome people like flexing

  11. I Thought Mr been loss some weight

  12. Matthew Chance March 17, 2015

    The Johnny Depp one looks like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. What wax museum is this? They’re all pretty terrible, they look nothing like the celebs, too bad. Kind of sad really.

  13. Drew Barrymore is spot on.

  14. PatronasKitty7 September 23, 2015

    The first one is pretty good

  15. Which ones are wax?

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