Indoor Cats Experiencing Snow For The First Time



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  1. Pretty much sums up how I feel about snow.

  2. The old man on the mountain Alamut January 13, 2018

    Some of these cats might be annoyed because they are on a leash. Whats next – taking your goldfish for a swim in the local swimming pool?

  3. static shock January 13, 2018

    Do cats scratch their owners .No thanks. Me prefer dog

    • Yeah, at least they bite.

    • Yeah, cats really aren’t for people who have no concept of nuance or willingness to put any effort into a relationship of any sort. If I needed approval without being worthy of it, I’d prefer dogs too.

    • Right-winged ==> dogs (obedient, perfect for slaveholders and oppressors) ||| Left-winged ==> cats (free spirit, for people who with tolerance and a sense of freedom)

    • But Democrats were slave holders =)

    • christ… It seems like everything these days is 6 comments away from someone involving politics in unrelated topics. + some dipshit 3 comments away saying i’m a snowflake for bringing this up.

  4. pussies

  5. Pussies :D

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