Cats in Stupid Costumes

10 thoughts on “Cats in Stupid Costumes”

  1. Those tiny hands in first picture are messing with my head.

  2. Best cat pics ever!

  3. The internet is full. The cats won.

  4. these are the Cosplay Cat.. a bit differ than lolcats. They dont talk much, but still like cheezburger.

  5. Limecat is not amused! He reminds you that he vanquished Clockspider at the time of the creation! Limecat will not be mocked!

  6. Here’s a thought – rename this website to CATLiver – all we see here now are cats.

  7. funny

  8. What in the ******* **** is Diet Dr. Thunder?

  9. Thundercat’s booty!! Arrgghhh!

  10. Some of those looks are in the category of “I kill you in your sleep.’

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