Cat Burritos



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  1. AWWW how cute! August 12, 2014

    wait till I get out of this, I’ll ******’ scratch your eyes out!

  2. No fault of their own, cats will soon be hated the world over… fickle and stupid humans ruin everything. sigh

    • don’t worry, the humans infected by the brain parasite that cats carry will NEVER hate them.

    • brit_girl @ ohtin August 24, 2014

      so glad i’m not the only person to have heard of cat-brain parasites, I’m so glad I’m a dog lover

  3. I Hate Cat Pictures August 13, 2014

    Show me an picture and I’ll show you a cat picture.

  4. ADORABLE!!! that’s all…

  5. PatronasKitty7 October 8, 2015

    The last one! *O*

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