Russians Really Love Their Carpets



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  1. bombaclart April 14, 2014

    Why are they so obssessed with Persian carpets?

    • It helps to keep their homes warm during cold weather… Insulation they can hang up!

    • They use it to insulate the walls. As we did in the middle ages. A castle was only as good as its carpets on the wall.
      Well, we actually use modern heating systems and good architecture for our homes these days. The russians are more backward minded folks. Or, name it: Barbarians.

    • Medival Dood April 14, 2014

      We called them “Tapestry” when we hung them on the walls. On floor = rugs, on walls = tapestry.

  2. It must be to isolate from cold

  3. I like the second last the most.
    Especially the top left and top right pictures on his carpet.
    I hope somone will buy me that carpet.. with it…. my life would be complete!

  4. I Am Not Funny April 14, 2014

    I you kept a dog in an automobile, would it be a car pet?

  5. Is this estliver or eatrussia April 15, 2014

    Seriously, it’s Rusdian is the new Justin Bieber.

  6. Ivan Aikay 47 April 15, 2014

    Actually Russians are a fun loving, happy go lucky bunch who like salt, glass, vodka and AK47s. Sometimes they put the vodka in a glass with some salt around the rim, drink it and then shoot holes in their carpets. Other times they pour the salt into the rifle and the vodka onto the carpet and then eat the glass. It’s only when they get you drunk on vodka at gunpoint, glass you, rub salt in the wounds and then wrap you in a blanket that you need to start worrying. The rest of the time those dudes know how to party, plain and simple. A bit like their women really.

  7. Ancient Aliens Guy April 18, 2014


  8. Please note!~ We love only square carpets!

  9. Americans with their cardboard houses! In Russia sometimes feel cold and our houses are not cardboard! Carpets for insulation in the walls? Are you kidding? We walk on the walls, carpets for this.

  10. I’m beginning to understand why they drink so much. Woof.

  11. Russians probably shake their heads at some of the seriously stupid things Americans do in the name of “cool”.

  12. What is that thing in the green top exactly?

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