Susan Misses The Point


11 thoughts on “Susan Misses The Point”

  1. Don’t get it…

  2. She didn’t

  3. It’s Trump’s fault

  4. Not sure about this one. The previous presidents did not help much when the car industry of USA took a sharp decline. As we can see people have to buy more used cars instead of new cars.

  5. Your mom took a sharp decline

  6. She’s a middle age Fin who left her Burka at home and in her distraction crashed the car on the way to a Tarja concert. She is texting her insurance company who’s reps were outsource to Guatemala 6 months ago. Neither the lady that crashed the car, nor the Eva insurance rep speak English very well. She asked a passer by for some help who took pictures of her pictures to forward to her Gender-Fluid-live-in who also happens to be a lawyer for some advice.
    I hope I’ve cleared that up.

  7. The rear view should have been of the mothers butt…

  8. The US car industry is responsible for it’s own downfall. Don’t blame presidents, unions, immigrants, invironmentalists, foreign car builders or the consumer. Blame the management.

  9. @Leftist – There! There! Easy child, no need to try starting a political debate here. We are all grown ups here you see. You might want to go to watch Teletubbies.

  10. I hear ya bro! Full support! lmao

  11. On the other hand, her phone’s battery is fully charged and she has great signal strength. Also no ducks or lizards around. Say, is this some sort of insurance scam?

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