Truly Sickening Display of Cannibalism



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  1. This would only make perfect sense if the crocodile was eating a crocodile skin shoe. Just because it’s called a “Croc” the shoe contains no crocodile.

  2. Yeah @Kauf ! open you moronic eyes!

    • Yes, I suppose you would know. Leftists spend most of their time hating.

    • At least just most of the time. For rightists it all they have in their meaningless lifes.

  3. This creature is an alligator, not a crocodile. It takes it out on crocs because it can’t get hold of a pair of Stella McCartneys ridiculous $500 fake alligator loafers:

  4. @Kauf Buch – What type of snout do you have?

  5. Dat Gator looking at me for the fourth day in a row ,in the top spot on this here site, makes me sad.

    • At least Kauf is silent, seems he ran out of ideas.

      Maybe the site owner tried to retrieve a Croc (either one on the photo).

    • Feed him a chicken

  6. @Kauf Buch. Shut up you Nazi wanker!

    • Just a leftist way of love showing how pacific and logic they are in front of different point of view.

    • Liberals love free speech as long as they approve of what is being spoken.

  7. Croc still eating croc. No new content for 5 days.

    It can’t be that hard to find galleries with cats doing cute stuff – or funny stuff. Or just pictures of cats. Massive galleries with cats.

    Save this site. Move the croc (gator) down. Put cats on top!

    Cats > crocs and gators

  8. This is a metaphor for the political right. Once in power they eat each other up.

    • Ask Bernie Sanders how he feels about your statement.

    • Nice try with your whataboutism. We can discuss this on another meme. Your comparison doesn’t fit in anyway.

    • Nice try to avoid the question and how the democrats screwed over their own lemmings to force another Clinton on them. Your cowardly admission of defeat is duly noted.

    • I don’t need to avoid your question. It was a false argument. These tactics were old when I was young.

    • lol, denial is not a river in Egypt.

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