Disgusting! This Photo Makes Me Sick!


I think I'm going to puke...


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  1. Should have used a croc instead of the gator.

  2. Hic sunt leones May 23, 2020

    I would go through great lengths to stay at a safe distance to either of these two things! And so should you!

  3. Robert C Byrd May 23, 2020

    This is nothing compared to the cannibalism ocurring in the Democrat party right now. Massa Joe is whipping The Breakfast Club back into line. After he ate Corn Pop for breakfast he converted Charlamagne to atheism. Next up he’ll announce his token VP pick.

  4. When he and Obama were running he told blacks “they gonna put you all back in chains”. Now he tells them if they don’t vote for him there not black. Cheat by mail is their only hope.

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