Call Me Racist If You Want…

Call me racist if you want but south of the border is a sea full of violence, stupidity and corruption I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole.

45 thoughts on “Call Me Racist If You Want…”

  1. Racist.

  2. I live in Canada. Would Trade corrupt Trudeau for a Trump ten million times over. That would be just the first hour.

  3. No worries, Santa says something similar at North Pole. 🎅🎄⛄🦌🤶

  4. I live in Canada, and while I’m no fan of Trudeau, if you think Trudeau’s corruption is even 1/1000th of what the Trumps have done, you’re completely insane. Trump’s golf scam alone is vastly worse than anything Trudeau has done.

    I don’t get how anyone can be a Trump supporter, other than dominant stupidity and evil. Whatever supposed pretense of republican ethos there was before has been demolished, so any real Republican would be horrified at how Trump has destroyed their party. All Trump brings is loudmouthed anger and tribalism: he may as well be a monkey that throws filth at others who look different than him.

    Trump’s there to get attention and scam money, after a lifetime of getting attention and scamming money. At this point, the people who fall for it are worse than he is.

  5. LOL you must really be a masochist if you want anything US govt has to offer

  6. I thought Canadians could do better. Canadian and Trump fan? THAT must be mental illness.

  7. Trump had Santa assassinated with a hellfire rocket.

  8. No christmas this year… :-(

  9. Actually, Canada should thank God they don’t have a border with Mexico. I guess it’s easy to say you’re not racist when you don’t have tens of thousands of illegals trying to get into your country.

  10. As the US stole the southern states from the Mexicans it’s their land anyways. US tried to steal Canada too… but failed. To their confusion the Canadians didn’t want to become US citizens.
    Best country in the world… early fake news.

  11. @Ida, now I understand all those banners ‘hispanic lives matter.’

  12. How is it possible to steal land? Aside the occupation of terra nullus, in the human experience land has been won and lost with wars. Or sold and bought (eg. Alaska). First time I hear of anyone stealing land.

    Care to elaborate how land is stolen?

  13. Seriously, snappo? That’s lame. Even for you.

  14. How can you “steal” an election then?

  15. > “Seriously, snappo? That’s lame. Even for you.”

    Personal attack ofc. There’s no argument to be had then; Land cannot be stolen.

  16. Where is that an attack? It’s your nickname here.
    You march into a piece of land, place your flag there, kill or drive out the former inhabitants and draw a new map.
    Land stolen. USA did this, Russia did this, don’t pretend you don’t know. The official term is annexation.
    And the USA never took any “terra nullus”. The continent was already populated. The USA are founded on a holocaust.
    Oh, and Well… is right, tell us how your election will be stolen. In detail.

  17. 200K Americans died due to covid. Thanks Trump

  18. What you are describing is how humans have been doing since forever. You claim a territory (for eg. resources), set borders around it, and drive away any intruders. If you cannot protect those borders, you lose the claim. Simple, and not stealing. Look at CHOP, the first thing they did was to set boundaries and started deciding who gets in and who doesn’t. Did they steal the land? No, they tried to occupy it, until someone with superior technology came and took it away. This feature is not even limited to humans, but seems to be a property of life itself.

    We humans have created rules that make occupying land more ‘humane’ by not simply killing off those who cannot protect the territory they have claimed. Currently we even preserve the tribes who weren’t able to keep the claim of their territories.

    “SteAliNG tHe elEctIon, reeeee”

    Red herring fallacy, but fine. The reason why the election in the USA isn’t based on a simple majority is because it protects the states with fewer population.

  19. Yeah, that evil orange man…

    “Of the more than 92,000 Americans who had died of COVID-19 as of May 20 (the date that the data in this analysis was collected), nearly 75,000 were in Democratic congressional districts.”

  20. @snap, did you not find more recent data or did they not confirm your wrapped reality? I found thisready-made answer to your comments:
    “There are plenty of problems with this. It implies that the deaths of Americans who live in blue states don’t matter as much to Trump. It suggests that he doesn’t take any responsibility for deaths in the states that have a different political party in charge. And it’s generally absurd for Trump to act as though he’s not the president of the whole country.
    But it’s also flatly false: When dividing states based on their 2016 votes for president, 11 of the top 20 states for Covid-19 deaths went for Trump. Overall, blue states fare worse with a death rate of 74 per 100,000 people, but red states still have a relatively high death rate, by global standards, of 49 per 100,000. “

  21. > “did you not find more recent data”

    Frankly I did not spend much time searching. The exact search terms were “covid casualties republican vs democratic”, and grabbed the first result (pewresearch), which collaborated with my hunch that NYC was the epicenter of the epidemic.

    Why my hunch, I hear you ask. NYC heroes “de Blasio” and “Cuomo” were in denial and waited until it was too late to flatten the curve. If Trump had ordered them into action, they’d use it against him, because orange man overstep boundaries and orange man bad.

  22. Trump is himself still in denial.

  23. Trump was told in January and February that we were heading for disaster. He did next to nothing to protect the people, not even warning them. And he is still downplaying it till somebody else solves it for him. He does not care about the people at all, only his ego counts. Biggest conman in world history.

  24. > “He did next to nothing to protect the people, not even warning them.”

    He issued a travel ban from China in January. That was seen as xenophobic by a group of people. In March, Italians were encouraged to hug Chinese people. That aged well…

    Should he have ordered a lockdown of the entire country under martial law in January? How should he have warned the American people? “Flatten the curve” wasn’t trending until March, so in January/February everyone was just guessing WTH is happening. I guess you already had a solution given the information in January/February and not in hindsight. Please share it with us.

  25. Because it has been done this way like forever doesn’t make it right. And the American election system is outdated. That country needs a democracy upgrade… urgently.

  26. Trump administration spread the virus on purpose in democrat districts to thin out the voter base. GOP genocide.

  27. “Frankly I did not spend much time searching.” Means: I just make the stuff up to troll around and spread hate speech.

  28. >> Italians were encouraged to hug Chinese people.<<
    I doubt that this was the reason for Italy's corona problem… typical populist exaggeration.
    No one wants to hug Americans and they are still dying like flies in a UV-lamp.

  29. > “I doubt that this was the reason for Italy’s corona problem… typical populist exaggeration”

    Never said it was the reason. In March it was already well known, that we’re dealing with a virus that spreads in close contact. Trump bans travels to China, the country with the biggest spread of the pandemic at that time. The reaction: “OraNge maN BanS ChiNA TrAvel! He mUsT Be a xEnoPHobe! LEt’s virtuE sIgnaL tHat wE’re not xEnoPHobes bY hUggIng a cHiNEse peRsOn.”. The Chinese hugging campaigns didn’t age well. At least I haven’t heard of any such campaigns in a long while.

  30. A travel ban with 40,000 exceptions. Scientists were not guessing, they told him early on that this was going to be the biggest crisis in his presidency, that the mortality was around 3% and that the virus was airborne. The previous two presidents had emergency teams for cases like this, as pandemics keep recurring thru history. And Trump? He just pretended that it was an innocent flu, a democrat hoax, over in April, and he is still ignoring the scientists.

  31. You suggested it was the reason and blamed the victims in Italy themselves. It’s kinda obvious.
    And Trump didn’t ban China travel because he wanted to protect people from the corona virus. He did it to hurt China. The virus was a welcome excuse. He doesn’t care about other people’s lives. Not Chinese nor American. He is a pathologic narcissist. He isn’t even sorry. All he cares is that he shines in positive light – if neccessary powered by lie energy.
    What you see in the White House is a shell. A well painted fassade of power and will. Behind that is a weak character with no selfesteem, eager to do everything to keep up the show in order to fill the gap with the verification by others. Without their attention the ego inside would fall into dust. Because it’s just a mirage.

  32. About time he was charged with involuntary manslaughter.

  33. > “A travel ban with 40,000 exceptions.”

    This has something to do with “chain migration” laws. Something, something extended family priorisation. No idea what the law implies.

    > “He just pretended that it was an innocent flu, a democrat hoax, over in April, and he is still ignoring the scientists.”

    Scientists don’t yet know if it’s seasonal or not. (google: is covid 19 seasonal). cbsnews has a collection of his quotes about covid, in chronological order and in context. Easily found using google. I’d link directly, but any messages with direct links goes into moderation and may take a long while to publish on this site. He’s taken this pandemic seriously since January. Up until February 29th (74 cases confirmed) he said that “everything is under control”, which I agree with for a country having a population of +300M people. Anyway, from that chronological list you can see that he has taken it much more seriously than many other country’s lead.

  34. > “You suggested it was the reason and blamed the victims in Italy themselves. It’s kinda obvious.”
    How I meant for my phrase to be: “In March, Italians were encouraged to hug Chinese people, because orange man xenophobe. That aged well…”. However this site doesn’t have an edit feature. I was hoping it wouldn’t get misunderstood.

  35. > “Because it has been done this way like forever doesn’t make it right.”

    We generally don’t. USA hasn’t occupied any new territories during Trump’s presidency and is slowly letting go of Afghanistan. That being said, it wasn’t too long ago that this was a common practice, and it wasn’t wrong by the standards of the past. Implying it was wrong is presentism, and is a fallacy.

  36. Trump saying that “everything is under control” is his default answer to any question. He will rarely give details, because there aren’t any and if there are he wouldn’t know them. He is still pretending everything is under control after 200,000 casualties with no end in sight. Leaders all over the world warned their people, enforced social distancing and wearing face masks to flatten the curve — Trump, in stead, promoted an unproven drug, sticking a UV light up your butt and injecting bleach. The cbs list nicely shows that his public claims disagree with what the medics told him..

  37. > “sticking a UV light up your butt”

    He said “… brought the light inside the body, which you can do through the skin or in some other way”. If the media interpreted that as “butt”, I have to ask; Is it common practice in your country to plug a respirator into your butts? In my countries they use holes of our throats for that. UV light treatment, Google: “Healight” by Aytu Science.

    > “injecting bleach”

    False. Quit lying. Instead of paraphrasing what he said, check out the interview where he said the thing above. Source: c-span president trump on injecting disinfectants.

  38. The gap between ‘or’ and ‘in some other way’ indicates he was thinking of a way of avoiding certain words. And he literally said ‘injection inside’ when referring to bleach, in dead earnest.

  39. That gap is awkward, but I’m assuming he’s not familiar with the term that is used for accessing the lunges. For the injection phrase, he does indeed say that. But is gesturing what I interpret as lungs and definitely didn’t even imply citizens should do it themselves, but explicitly says “you’re going to have to use medical doctors for that”. May be a path that some medical tech team is researching for all I know.

  40. USA is 9th on the list of countries with most deaths per capita for Covid 19. Their politics have been smarter than countries such as “Spain”, and “Belgium”, and … drumroll “United Kingdom”.

  41. … none of which has a population of +300M.

  42. Ha, so you agree. Somebody informed him afterward that his suggestions on injection were utterly ridiculous, though you are still taking them seriously, so the next day he pretended it was all a joke.

  43. It’s an american Trump Fan, these people are habitual liars, that’s an essential part of their religion.

  44. I still like Robin WIlliams’ take on the subject: “Living in Canada is like having a really great apartment, right over a crack house.”

    A friend of mine lived in Canada for a few years. He said it was a nice change to live in a society where the stereotype other people apply to you is that you’re polite, educated, and have good health care.

  45. I live in Canada, must be a loud mouth, welfare loving eastern Canadian.

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