Can You Spot the Difference?

28 thoughts on “Can You Spot the Difference?”

  1. I can spot a difference. 90% of the acts of terrorism around the world for the last 30 years has come from Islam, “the religion of peace”. So the difference is “relatively benign wacko” vs. “blow you up wacko”. Did I win a prize?

  2. The girl with the bible has probably read more books than the disaffected twit who made the picture ever thought of reading.

  3. You did in the universe of reals-ville!

  4. Nuke them, Ainstain.

  5. I see you had a very defined and narrow time frame and you are still wrong. Those multitude of secret agencies are doing things that would make the devil blush.

  6. I am sure she reads Bill O’Reilly books, Glenn Beck books and Sean Hannity books. Does Rush Limbaugh still “write” books? If so, him, too.

  7. Awww, do I detect large quantities of butthurt in this sector?

  8. Why only girl with bible, not girl with quran too? Are you one more (subconsciously or even worse: consciously) racist, intolerant USA citizen?

  9. Are you sure?
    If you sure, what do you call it when someone who’s born and raised in the USA who kills another US someone?
    Tell me about those problems that still going between native American and Non-Americans?
    Don’t believe what you see or what you hear from the media, because you’ll find terrorism in everywhere, especially western countries.

  10. Can’t see the mushroom cloud next to Einstein.

  11. “Why only girl with bible, not girl with quran too?”
    Oh, I don’t know, maybe its because the chance that the girl with the Bible sending her kids into a crowed supermarket strapped with a bomb to blow themselves up is about one out of 10 million. Or that there is even less chance that the girl with the Bible will allow her daughters to be circumcised, or beat to death for not following the Bible, or stoned to death for being raped, or married off to an adult male at age 9.
    And if that makes me a racist, intolerant USA citizen, so be it.

  12. I was going to write a snarky comment, but I see others have everything under control. Carry on.

  13. Yes! Two of them are ready to protect their homes, and the other is ready to nuke them.

  14. I guess that whoever composed this picture didn’t see (or refused to acknowledge) that the pic of the girl with a bible is _a joke_ about so called “American values” while the muslim one is most probably dead-serious.

  15. The joke here is, religion are stupid.

  16. I don’t know, she too seems to be smirking a little. The only dead-serious looking one is the white-haired nuke-guy.

  17. You are right, she would probably arm her children to teeth and deploy them all over the world to “protect” her freedom. And don’t be a fool with numbers, “1 out of 10 million” would probably cover any wacko in any society/religion. E.g., there is probably 1 school shooter for every 10 mil Americans. And also, congrats for acknowledging being racist and intolerant.

  18. You mean ready to protect their homes by nuking the other ones.

  19. … in your Chevrolet. wassup dinah

  20. The muslim book has never been edited or changed and is the most read book in the world and the bible which edition is she holding

  21. Girl in the top left is holding 66 books. If the author of the joke would have been literate he could have known this.

  22. Everyone that believes in religion is a sheep. Be it Christianity, Islam, Scientology or whatever. Really think about it. Why are there sooo many different types of religion in this world? Because there are soo many dumb***** that are willing to blindly believe in someone just because they are mesmorized by their words. They can’t think for themselves. Religion is a business. They take whatever money they can from brainless morons. Ever look up the houses of bishops or whoever is in charge of your bullshit religion? Most of them are living the high life. Like I said before you are all sheep. My eyes are open.

  23. Maybe your eyes are open but too bad you’ve got your head up your ***. Way to go genius, proving how right you are by calling other people sheep and insulting millions upon millions of people.

  24. Maybe you’re right and I shouldn’t of insulted people by calling them sheep. However it still doesn’t change the fact that religion is the perfect method for controlling the masses while giving the people who runs things all the power. Making people believe that there is this fake parent figure out there “watching” them and “looking” out for them. It’s total nonsense. Giving ordinary people a false sense of hope for some kind of magical happy after life cause their real lives at the moment is so pathetic. So they will believe in a religion to keep them calm and hoping that things will be balanced in some spiritual afterlife. People need to wake up and realize it’s all BS.

  25. Lol love this.

  26. I spy propaganda.

  27. The difference between “we don’t take No shit” and “we hate everybody and want to kill you”

  28. But the interpetation og the most hate filles book in the World is chancen acordingly to what the hate filled pigs whant to justify

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