Can Somebody Explain This?

13 thoughts on “Can Somebody Explain This?”

  1. You see pretentious Americans using chop sticks at a Oriental resturaunts, but do you ever see Orientals using forks at American food restaurants in their respective countries? I never understood why a person would put down what they use to eat %99.9 of the time just to make themselves feel connected to the food… made over here… by people living here.

  2. Why not?

  3. The point is that in the places on Earth where rice is eaten with sticks the rice is much stickier than in the West

  4. In the picture you can see the typical bowl used to eating with sticks.A small and light bowl.You simply move it to your mouth and the way shorter so you won’t drop as much.
    Eating with the plate/bowl in front of your face is considered the right way in quite a few asian countries.

  5. Just maybe, some people like trying new ways of doing things and/or new experiences. The only pretentious prick in this equation, is you, with your unwarranted concern about what others do. How about ‘you’ take that fork out of your arse and live a little. :)

  6. ….Why does it have to be related to pretentiousness? The restaurant provides it as an option, and people take that option. Which makes it to the next question – if the _restaurant_ provides the utensil, is it the _patron’s_ responsibility to say “no, thank you, i’ll be the pretentious american who refuses to eat with the utensil that you have provided to me because my ‘home’ utensil is better”
    Honestly, your post seems more ignorant than anything else.

  7. You bet.

  8. You can do the stupid walrus thing with chopsticks!

  9. Show me show me show me!

  10. Try to pick a sushi, dip it on soy sauce and eat it using a fork. As soon as you stab it the rice block will crumble. But anyway, the reason why asian people got used to eat without knives is because knives weren’t suited for the peaceful meal time.

  11. Sushi is traditionally eaten with hands, rather than sticks.

  12. Why not me?

  13. does it really matter? life is about choices, and this is a choice… go live your life, leave everyone else alone! your opinion is NOT my fact…

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