My School Bully Still Takes My Lunch Money



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  1. usually people who bully as young kids if they have ANY intellect in them rise to be leaders and alphas.
    Bullies in middle school naturally are too dumb to realize they are completely immature and usually are dedicated dumb****.
    I was a bully as a kid, and disruptive in calss etc etc etc. Spent more time outide the class than inside. Finished with A’s and B’s, excelling in math. As I grew up, I quit that shit and became a lawyer.
    So there’s that. Most kids who got bullied through their lives, unless really skilled, developed some sociophobias. Also it is funny, but one of the kids I bullied a little bit is now on of my closest friends. I kind of regret picking on him, then again I recall punching a kid in face for picking on him too. Fun times. 10/10, would go to school again.

  2. vidalia poopnoodle October 22, 2016

    it doesn’t surprise me AT ALL that a bully grows up to become a lawyer.

  3. young psycho October 22, 2016

    I used to like to start fires. Grew out of it.

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