The Good Old Days



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  1. Does this count as gay propaganda?

    • In Putin Russia propaganda gays you.

    • Lazier Than Thou March 23, 2017

      Are trans people gay? Take, for example, Caitlyn Jenner. She says that she’s always been trans, but also says that she’s sexually attracted to women. If she were a he, she’d be hetero, but because she’s a she(supposedly), she’s gay.
      Life must be so complicated for the SJWs. Really, they should be pitied for having to know all this useless trivia about the lives and categories of other people.

    • I do understand that knowledge is a burden to to the RWNJ, but don’t pity us. We are actually capable of retaining information on quite a wide range of topics outside of cleaning a shotgun and how to access Breitbart without it swamping our intellectual boats.

    • @Rattus
      Imagine that.. you are not special. And everyone can retain information just. as. good.
      And you have wasted 30% of your hardware on bullshit.
      See, that is why you have lost ability to think critically and you are a problem when it comes to advancement.
      You know what is the basic of advancement? To make complex operations simpler.
      You are a problem.
      Your idea is to stuff your everyday with complete nonsense, thus you waste valuable life and workhours.
      When people got tired of lighting a candle in every single lamp, we invented electricity and a lightswitch. What you propose is that we add few fake switches near so people never really know where to push and have to do additional unnecessary evaluation.
      You are the problem. You are cancer.

  2. At least they will learn to appreciate CLASSICAL MUSIC.
    Unlike the primitive, anti-civilizational barbarity THE LEFT promotes upon our civilization.
    The Left MUST be eradicated, for civilization to continue.

    • So you had no idea what to post about this topic. Then just don’t.

    • Unknown Origin March 23, 2017

      Kauf Buch – your comments are becoming very tedious. Why not stop for a while? Give us all a break. Reading your posts is like having a toddler around your feet all the time. We need some adult time. Lets say – don’t post for a year or so?

    • What? Like Ted Nugent? RaHoWa? Kid Rock?

  3. Classical music? They never played Pink Floyd.

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