Can You Guess The Web Browser?

25 thoughts on “Can You Guess The Web Browser?”

  1. 1) A red mammal, must be FIREFOX
    2) A silvery metal, looks like CHROME.
    3) The iconic Sydney OPERA house.
    4) An EXPLORER in the plains of Africa.
    5) White, badly made and broken junk. Probably an Appol reference….

  2. Not sure about the first few (especially the lesser panda masquerading as a fox), but the last one is crystal clear! Hello, Internet Explorer!

  3. Nice try- 4) would be Safari . . . .
    Leaving 5 wide open for the toilet that is IE

  4. #5 is definitely the s****er at D’Laney’s Bar & Grill

  5. But 4 could be Internet Explore, OR Safari?
    Or is there something i don’t get here? xD

  6. .. IE is obviously the shitty toilet…

  7. Haha, nice one ! I like the way you think

  8. I uninstalled Firefox after Mozilla fired Brendon Eich.

  9. This made me laugh :)

  10. Which one is Netscape?

  11. I bet that made them regret it then…

  12. Chrome has started to suck more and more.
    I use Mozilla FF
    IE isn’t bad at all.

  13. @Really? : He killed it, there was no try. Thanks for the laugh, Ink.

  14. IE bashing… still? It’s not super-good yet, but it’s begun to get better than safari and opera.

  15. Haha =)

  16. Yet, both FF and Cr are built on top of EI. They are actually some sort of hybrid, without EI they can’t exist.

  17. Nah, the iToilet isn’t branded and doesn’t make me feel special, and it seems cheap.

  18. “All people use the Toilet, some can see a Fox or Chrome, and a few of them even go on Safari or to the Opera…”

  19. 4 is clearly safari. That would make 5 ie. The worst browser in history

  20. FIrefox came from Mozilla which came from Netscape which came from Mosaic which was the first true web browser. IE is so bad even Microsoft is dumping it in Windows 10 which is what happened in pic#5

  21. Where’s netzero and aol? Yes, I’m that old.

  22. I did not get the correct answer

  23. I did not get correct answer

  24. The last one must be Edge.

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