Guys Acting Like Girls on Instagram


The Cozy Evening Shot

The Girly Group Squat

Office Fun and The Eat Clean / Green Smoothie Selfie

The Beach Office Brag

Painting Nails and Doing Physical Activities (With Coffee Always)

Enjoying the Outdoors on a Wonderful Day

“Treat Yo Feet” Party With Friends

The Pumpkin Latte Brag

The Cupcake Lover

The Morning Meditation With a Coffee

“They Captured Me Unexpectedly” / “I’m Not Even Posing” Shot

Gym Selfie Reflection

The Road Trip Essentials Mirror Selfie

Hot Bathroom Selfie


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  1. The irony is that most of these men are prettier than the girls I know who send me the originals of these photos.

    • Your life is less than “forever alone.” Get out there a date some of these guys.

    • Yeah, some of them have also made themselves inadvertantly even hotter with these poses :D…. esp. the morning coffee meditation and looking out of the window pics!

  2. These are 57,000% correct. And these dudes pull it off way better.

  3. So pathetically true!

  4. The “The Cupcake Lover”
    :D Fat Conan O’Brien

  5. I almost confused this with “Guys acting like girls on Myspace”.

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